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  1. Unfortunately not much has changed on my RS3 account. I feel like ending it with the vitalis drop was the best it could get. I do play OSRS now, I am a main on "Beast". I might make a ironman at some point, but I'm not too sure if I will document it as there are so much osrs content / series. RS3 ironman was fun to document as everything was fresh and new. I had a lot of good times on my RS3 Ironman, but sometimes good things come to an end. Cheers to everyone who has read the blog and followed my progress. If anyone somehow comes by this message, and want to have contact with me on OSRS, feel free to add me in-game ("Beast"). All the best.
  2. Hey guys I have decided to start blogging again at tumblr. Can find the blog here: https://beastkris.tumblr.com/ Cheers! all the best
  3. Update time again o.0 Wheres virtus boots? (main) Finished nex. Got the only item I wanted. Yes RIP trim and comp... Finally planted feet.. (no stall) (trying to get that wand....) Finished all rots shields finally.. Flanking 3 first try ... idek Getting into rago again .. Want that vitalis
  4. Finally got master rc robes after requesting it for over two years :).
  5. Fun quest, more please.. Bit of nex cuz why not Rather have the vit ??
  6. Not been playing rs for last month except like 100ish a0d kills on release. Come back and do 1 raid and get the pet. Always lucky when back..
  7. Update time :P Easy gloves. Finally did herblore habitat and I got lucky. 2 weeks for full outfit and two masks :) Big goal 100k souls on iron. (300 a day) Was not happy with 2nd backstab Biggest goal on account except trim !!! 120 farm @@@ Wanted 1st tier of disco outfit incase it looks good with master quest cape in future. Which it might? My goal now is getting 120 div slowly.
  8. Hey guys I've been slacking. Finished my dual seismics with my first FFA. 781 NM kills and 113 HM kills. Got my bombi!!!! 102 hardmode kills. I like my dailys
  9. Ah so uni started up again so been quite busy. Mostly just doing my dg daily and farm run whenever I could log in. And am also 190M dg now. Ill try to update but not much has happened.
  10. Achieved a mini goal today :) A lot of potions made :P Still gotta make overloads but I'll leave that for last. :) This is what I have left atm.
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