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  1. I didn't, I linked to the Youtube video while clearly calling it out as a scam. The other links are to Web of Trust, an established system for rating sites on the internet for safety and validity.
  2. Someone is spamming popular youtube videos with a link to this video about someone giving away 800M in Runescape: DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK IN THE DESCRIPTION: http://www.youtube.com//watch?v=sH6TK_kT1po In the video description he links to a forum thread that is supposedly on RSOF and tells you to "post a joke" there, with the funniest joke winning. It doesn't link to RSOF however (it links to a login page that looks similar to the official one). If you check the Web of Trust (WOT) information: http://www.mywot.com/en/scorecard/runecapeservices.t35.com His link is actually part of the t35.com subdomain, which is known for malware and identity theft according to WOT. I've seen these links on multiple vids so I'm just warning you scapers out there to not fall for this scam. Also if there is any way to report this player to Jagex please do so.
  3. Why aren't other herb prices dropping as much? Or can you only get ranarr at SG?
  4. Ranarr has dropped over 50% in the last 180 days, and is still dropping fast. Last I checked people were still using prayer potions. What gives?
  5. They've fallen in price by 50% over the past 180 days, and over 40% in the past 30 days. What gives?
  6. The "official" growing time for herbs is about 4x20 = 80 mins. However, I've had some patches that have take 2-3 hours to grow. What gives? Thanks.
  7. A few years back the auto-logout was actually 2 mins. I petitioned nonstop for them to raise it to at least 5 minutes. And...we're here today. Though I would love it if they gave you an option for "unlimited". That way more experienced players wouldn't have to flip back to the RS tab every couple mins, and less experienced players still have a choice whether they want that function or not.
  8. Whenever I use the GE database, there's either extremely slow performance or 404's. I've tried this on 3 separate computers now, each with completely different internet connections. It's borderline unusable at the moment. Clearly there has been an upswing in trade lately, so I think Jagex should either upgrade or get more servers in order to accommodate the increased demand. Edit: referring to the GE Database on the main Runescape website, not the one in-game. Thanks to those that clarified before.
  9. GE Database is fine for looking at individual items, but I want to analyze 100 items or more at once and also put them through different algorithms. I've got the algorithms down pat, but I'm stuck manually inputting data for now.
  10. I'm looking for a way for prices of certain items to auto-update on an Excel spreadsheet. I see that RS Wiki is able to auto-update all prices in real-time, so I'm hoping that there can be some sort procedure to do that in Excel as well. I tried following the "Import from Web" instructions that I've seen in a few places, I get all the text from the page instead of just the price. Also, the price isn't in a numerical format, e.g. 75k. How do I get Excel to interpret this as 75000? Thanks.
  11. E.g. if I have 50 promethium arrows bound, and I find another 10 in the level, can I bind it with the 50 to have 60 bound promethium arrows? Thanks.
  12. Is it okay that you just "open" them (i.e. you become able to see what's in it) or do you actually have to walk through it for it to count? Thanks.
  13. For attack and defense bonuses, how many equipment stats are equal to a skill level? How much extra defense am I getting from a "+83" vs. 5 extra defense levels for instance? Thanks.
  14. My combat stat are all 90+ and I can probably get any equipment needed. What creature(s) make the most money? Bandos? TD? DKs? Thanks.
  15. For me I would love if they could make it so that the map streams the data to you, so that you don't get the "Loading...Please Wait" hitch every 5 seconds.
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