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  1. When first asked about oldschool, there was a poll. It got around 450k votes, well short of the amount of votes needed for f2p oldschool support. As such, there were no f2p worlds. Later on, Jagex realised there was a demand from people to have f2p restricted worlds in order to pk on them. They put it to the poll, but due to a misleading wording it failed. They repolled it, making it clear what was meant and it passed, getting 75% votes. That is, the f2p restricted worlds for members only are due to a poll in which the community voted. There are no f2p worlds for non members since that would cost more for Jagex, and they don't really benefit from it. It would allow people to bot without a cost to them (currently people bot, but Jagex gets paid for it). F2p worlds could be argued to be a 'demo' to attract new players, but the game is from 2007. That is a 7 year old game. Most players are those that have played in the past, and already know what to expect and as a result don't need a 'demo'. The fact that you don't understand Sy Accursed's logic reveals a lot more about your intelligence than his. thank you for putting that info strait, and the point that you call ''butthurt kid'' over an internet forum ''logic'' i feel that you have the same 12 year old ''logic'' as sy accursed... i know jagex has a problem whith bots, but if 07 f2p worlds are members ... how is 07 gonna get more players :S? so they make 07 servers just for it to die out? Wow, going off topic here but damn man. Calling people out on logical capabilities with spelling like that is pure comedy. You just made my day. To answer your question, why should they be free. Jagex's Runescape division now has to run 3 games (Classic, Live and 07). Why on earth would they do it for nothing? The fact they even gave players old school servers is a big sign of loyalty to true fans.
  2. Firstly, I studied language. I now, study language in further education as well as working... but it is also part of my employment; to be able to understand certain languages. Are you joking? French is one of the easiest language to learn. Some of the structures of your sentences are actually appalling for a language so don't start. I found oriental languages to be the most difficult. English is moderate in difficulty. My first language was Welsh, so I can look at it from an outsiders view of how English was to learn.
  3. The US is bad enough. Why would anyone want to fly 40 hours to go from one small, dinky island to one giant, dinky island? :P You call us "dinky" when the funniest part is... we may be a smaller country but, we're an older and maturer country. We created the things your country is founded upon. British game's convention = Britain, dont care where, they should have had more options for it... but london will do if it has to be there again!
  4. Zybez host a radio station aswell with various DJ's around the clock... other than that... its a forum full of teenagers.
  5. Can this troll account please be removed from tif now that it has no use as a voice to get more people to use bots? Troll account with 1000's of more contributions to the forums than yourself?
  6. Hate to be one of those guys but... free to play has enough in it to keep someone going indefinitely. They have staff that makes the updates... the staff needs paying.
  7. Monky

    just lost 2.5b

    May I enquire why having a (simple 4 second to use safety measure) bank pin ruins merching for you? Makes no realistic sense that it will ruin merching. You only have to enter it once when you log in... Plus if you have played for the past 7 years, had that much money... you must have a pretty good idea about this game right? Which is why I do not personally believe someone with that play time (a bit less than iv played for) to fall for something like that. Plus you should have known that viewing the forums does not require your log in.
  8. I felt very involved in this quest... I hope the next grandmaster involves speech.
  9. Monky


    Hey, I'm looking to do the latest quest in the Majaharrat* series. I am 6 agility levels, 2 mining and 1 craft level away from it. Which of these are boostable. I know how im going to get the mining and craft levels... but for agility, im stuck... What would be the best xp per hour course for my 71 agility. Thanks!
  10. Have you considered making nature tiaras... thats not bad xp per hour.
  11. Hello! Please read all of my post to understand my situation. My stats are below! I have access to the 4 original GWD bosses... but not nex as of yet! But I do not have overloads as you can see so I doubt anyone would want me on their team for that! I have experience at Corp, Bando's, KBD, Mole, KQ and DK's. I have watched runesharks as well as many other videos of people doing: Zammy, Arma and Sara bosses so with back up I could fight there. Items worthy of mentioning: D claws, fury, Zerker ring, Dfire sheild, Z spear and Chaotic Rapier. I tried to find a place to go on the RSOF but I hated the automated responses and no one would tell me their clan member count! I am willing to do work in the citadel! I do appreciate active cc's and my friends list is empty bar 3 people that come on-line, so such a high level with little to no impact or reignition in the community I can imagine is rare! I do not solely want to pvp and pvm, I like chilling and having fun aswell! its just now im nearing high level status I cant keep going without any friends online! Is there anyone that can help me? Many thanks, Mr Monky
  12. Monky


    I am not likely to get it for a solo?
  13. Monky


    Just got 99 attack today... Looking at getting a primal weapon. I'm 80 dg, Is rapier my best option? Also whats the best method for me to get one?
  14. hate to break it to you, but Zybez is advocating boting, many forms of scamming and gold buying, only immoral people would feel good listening to their radio. Do it OP, I'm very curious how this would turn out. Trying to sound smart about things you obviously have no idea about is going to get you no where.
  15. Can there only be one? No, of course there can be more... But bear in mind to compete with zybez you would need to account for other peoples times zones (Zybez is 24/7), Have a large (very large) collection of music with a few dj's from different time zones willing to put their time into your station. Host events ingame during your shows... By all means go for it, i just think you wouldnt hold it out with a 3 man team.
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