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  1. Worth noting this only dates back to 27th February 2002, any accounts created prior to that will show that date. So no way to tell the exact age of your account if it was prior to that. So the exact same thing as what would happen with Recovery Questions way back when? I believe there was a post on these forums about so many people having the same date for the date they set their Recovery Questions. EDIT: Yeah, like this one: Although with this one I'm assuming that the date shown had to be a bug of some sort. Like I said earlier I started in February of 2003 yet the picture linked above shows my Recoveries set a year earlier.
  2. 2003 here. OSRS has an 'Age' option on Hans in Lumbridge that will tell you your account's age down to the day, if you still use/have the original account. Might be of interest to some of you to get through Tutorial Island (it was for me).
  3. EDIT: It seems they perhaps posted this a bit early? If I'm right the update isn't set to go live (according to the "How to start" section of the news post) for another 12 hours.
  4. So I guess this week's update is a "meh" update. I guess I'll stick with OSRS for the time being. :)
  5. I wouldn't say they're worthless. Personally I'd love to get my hands on a phat or phat set just because I know what they were like (rarity-wise) when Oldschool was just RuneScape. Although that'll be a long while since I just started OSRS 3 days ago so I'm broke and a Noob, more so than my name would suggest. :P
  6. I'm really glad to see the Gower quest thing. It's nice of them to pay homage to the two guys who started it all. I've sometimes wonder what Andrew and Paul think about their game now, especially since they're not longer a part of it.
  7. Pvp has never really been my thing so I doubt I'll try it anytime soon. I'm an avid RS3 player (never made it off Tutorial Island on OSRS) so once I get Comp then maybe I might try Darkscape.
  8. I really did like the quest. I'm a big fan of lore type quests rather than ones filled with huge, tough boss battles. Big thumbs up to Jagex from this Noob. As far as collecting crystals for the new Attuned Crystal Armor; do you guys think it's worth killing the shapeshifters for it? Or just afking at the skilling spots even though you'd need x3 the shard pieces vs. full shards from killing? I've been afking for about 300 or so crystals worth of shards but I know it's going to take a long, long time to do it just that way and I've heard the shapeshifters are a pain to kill for long periods.
  9. Could you elaborate on how you got it? Well according to the RS Wiki you have to fill up the Temperature bar 10 times, although when I got mine nobody knew for sure, and apparently if you do it 25 times you'll unlock "the Sunburned" title as well.
  10. I guess I'll work on getting the Armadyl Warpriest pieces I'm missing (all but the boots) now, since it's the only Warpriest outfit I don't already own. I don't really want the Telescope override so I'll probably get that last if I have any extra points lying around when it's near the end of the event. :)
  11. You can always tell the popularity (or controversy) of an update based on how many pages the update topic has on the first day. This one seems ok I guess, nothing to get too excited about.
  12. In the forum QA they said no it does not. Ah thats unfortunate. As my goal is one set of warpriest which would be the best to buy? Any one set isn't any better than another, is it? :blink: Zammy and Sara warpriest has a chance of protecting you from all damage, which is pretty handy. Whereas Arma and Bandos Warpriest has a chance of reducing the cooldown of abilities over 30 seconds, which is kinda useless. So Zamorak and Saradomin warpriest are definitely better. Really? How come I didn't know this? :wacko:
  13. That is quite possibly the best post ever posted on this forum. Evar. That would explain it then. I've never been to ROTS so I didn't know. |^_^|
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