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  1. Its bizarre that this is my first post for 5/6 years and yet I’m still one of the top posters. A lot of fond memories of this place, but I think the era of forums like tipit has now long passed.
  2. My simple idea was just to add case sensitivity and symbols to passwords. https://[LikelyScam]/m=player-proposal/view-idea?idea=13447
  3. Are there any protections to prevent the "popular" and "e-celebs" just getting their legions of minions to mass vote even if the ideas are shit or skewed in their favour?
  4. #thatawkwardmomentwhen hundreds of people suggest removing EOC or micropayments.
  5. You used 500k air runes in 2 days? Blimey that's a lot of spells cast. Congratulations on that xp. /s The limits are to prevent the gaming of the system by individuals sucking up all of a particular resource all at once.
  6. I'm not quite sure how the concept of boss pets really works regarding lore? Seems an odd thing to add in-game. The the mofo QBD ffs! There can be only one.
  7. From the language used in the post I think this is very much a Hasbro decision. This game still needed a vast amount of investment and development before coming out of beta and without the backing of Hasbro there was no way Jagex could fund it. This decision will have massive repercussions on the rest of the company. Mark Gerhard once said that canning Stellar Dawn cost Jagex over £10m. You are right to ask how much was wasted on this that could have been invested in existing IP. On a positive note, plenty of developers and artists with free time now to create more TH and Solomon promotions... :rolleyes: /s
  8. What positives can we glean from the string of negative press about Jagex lately? Well we can see that micropayments are down in RuneScape and the freemium model has failed in both Ace of Spades and no Transformers Universe. Jagex's newest game Block N' Load, however, is back to being a proper paid game. Does this mean that we can potentially wave goodbye to Treasure Hunter and Solomon's store?... I don't think so but I have a feeling that there will be less emphasis on keys and more on Solomon's customisations. You cannot become too reliant on the "whales" in this industry. Jagex cannot continue to alienate the regular paying members. When the whales stop paying unless you've got a tank full of fish you're a gonner.
  9. It's not the first time Hasbro has done something like this, pulled the plug on something older in order to prevent distraction from their new franchises. Transformers Universe was based on Transformers Prime which has now finished its run. Next year Transformers: Robots in Disguise comes out and I'm sure there will be new games based around that... until the next reboot etc etc. The game has been in development hell for years anyway, so long infact that the number of months this game was released for is less than the number of YEARS this has been in development. It started off as a MMO then a MOBA and then some sort of weird MOTA hybrid which didn't really appeal to anyone except hardcore fans. The game was difficult to pick up, buggy, and not particularly fun. I feel bad for the staff who no doubt will be facing uncertainty at this time of year but Jagex should have stuck with its guns and invested in Stellar Dawn rather than trying to piggy back on a franchise that, by the time this game was finished, the potential player base had already moved on from.
  10. And another game bites the dust... http://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2014-12-16-jagex-shutting-down-transformers-universe
  11. The numbers of people on a particular world isn't what makes it profitable. What's profitable is NEW players signing up, paying for membership, spins, bonds, runecoins, whatever the latest micropayment currency is. By making Latin American/Spanish worlds Jagex hoped to reach a new demographic and it's clear that they have failed. What little people that were on those worlds were probably just existing players trying to find quieter skilling or monster hunting spots.
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