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  1. It's Swtkittn :D And thanks for all the nice replies everyone <3
  2. :twss: Myself and Shadowandy maxed just a little bit ago thought I'd share :thumbsup:
  3. SwtKittN /Maiev/Swtkittn/A /Maiev/Al̡̮̉̉ne/A /Maiev/Rubmycrit/A /Maiev/Lickme/A /Maiev/Travelocity/A /Proudmoore/Swtkittn/A Came to Maiev to play with 2 good friends who have since gone back to rs, and I have no desire to so now I'm stuck on a server in a crappy guild with little/no friends so been contemplating making my return on Proudmoore :P Had a 60 Rogue there but moved it awhile ago so will be starting over^^
  4. I don't play but could if I wanted to :oops:
  5. I saw people selling for 3k afew days ago, but dunno what it is now best way to get info is to go to the official forums and search for limestone, just see what other people are paying
  6. save your money go southeast from the place you change your logs into planks, theres a fenced area you can go east through, little to east and north theres a mine, mine it there and use chisel on the brick and you saved ;p
  7. Nice quoting what was said not to quote :lol:
  8. Oh! I miss swtkittn now too... I wonder how many names I've forgotten about... :cry: Aww :$ It really is amazing.. the people that we've forgotten from so long ago. Tons of names but I can only remember afew :$ Recently tho (within last month or so) actually in the same night I saw kiro freak and castlecaster on tip it's irc :lol: I honestly didn't believe my eyes :P It's quite sad to know people and then they just seem to disappear, seems so many of us that were all together so long ago have just vanished :( I'm glad that I still talk to sith, oergg, and biox every now and then :D <3<3 Certainly had a lot of great memories in the probably 5+ years I've played rs and the times when I was active on scapeboard that was like forever ago :oops:
  9. I don't like either of them either :lol:
  10. Bump every 10 minutes blows. Your topic goes off the first page after a minute or less during high traffic times :roll:
  11. [11] http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?t=430571 [11] New ammy [11] rodney i was on [11] ive always been on [11] Gives +32 onto everything craven why do u lie to me :( :oops: got me excited over nothing :lol:
  12. I think they should of have not been made tradable but oh well :roll:
  13. I agree with dragun, both sides clearly had their faults, call it a draw and just leave it at that. Endless bickering back and forth really isn't getting anyone anywhere :\ Call it a draw and leave di where they are. We can rewar later sometime ;\
  14. -^ That was pretty well said. I would also add that it was quite idiotic of capone to accuse us of mass recruiting, considering to avoid that happening was the whole reason we closed apps once war was established :roll:
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