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  1. Wow so nice :shock: But my intuos 3 will do me good for a while to come.
  2. malo2


    Let me finish staring at the boobs.
  3. Why do you insist on saying such old jokes?
  4. Eh around 10 hours or more -.-
  5. It isn't picture perfect, but pretty close I think :P Thanks for the comments.
  6. I guess that sounds reasonable, as long as it looks good.
  7. Really like the burning match one. The Las Vegas one is coolest obviously :P
  8. Pretty good job, the only problem is that they have no advantage over already existing sigs on other sites.
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wn6K5rcIgTs Finished product: http://ervin7.deviantart.com/ What do you think?
  10. A question having a 10% probability of being sure about. If they say the sun will someday die, does that mean the sun is a living being?
  11. malo2


    10,000 years isn't much. I don't see why we would leave earth in 10,000 years. We'll colonize other planets, sure, but we'll be the same people, we won't even evolve much. If you want to ask a theoretical question like that, try 1,000,000 years at least.
  12. The last one is great. Why is the torso of the warrior done in paint so big?
  13. I'm planning to paint my wall. By that I mean I want to make an actual painting, such as a landscape across the with of my entire wall. The idea is simple, I choose and image, cover the wall with the primer, and I paint it with the same paints that people use to paint their walls. I'm planning on buying a half a liter or more of each of the primary colors, and then just mix them. My question to anybody willing to read this is; will it work? Is it possibly a bad idea to use the same paints that people simply color their walls with? Or should I just paint it like I'm painting on canvas or paper?
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