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  1. Wow so nice :shock: But my intuos 3 will do me good for a while to come.
  2. malo2


    Let me finish staring at the boobs.
  3. Why do you insist on saying such old jokes?
  4. Eh around 10 hours or more -.-
  5. It isn't picture perfect, but pretty close I think :P Thanks for the comments.
  6. I guess that sounds reasonable, as long as it looks good.
  7. Really like the burning match one. The Las Vegas one is coolest obviously :P
  8. Pretty good job, the only problem is that they have no advantage over already existing sigs on other sites.
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wn6K5rcIgTs Finished product: http://ervin7.deviantart.com/ What do you think?
  10. A question having a 10% probability of being sure about. If they say the sun will someday die, does that mean the sun is a living being?
  11. malo2


    10,000 years isn't much. I don't see why we would leave earth in 10,000 years. We'll colonize other planets, sure, but we'll be the same people, we won't even evolve much. If you want to ask a theoretical question like that, try 1,000,000 years at least.
  12. The last one is great. Why is the torso of the warrior done in paint so big?
  13. I'm planning to paint my wall. By that I mean I want to make an actual painting, such as a landscape across the with of my entire wall. The idea is simple, I choose and image, cover the wall with the primer, and I paint it with the same paints that people use to paint their walls. I'm planning on buying a half a liter or more of each of the primary colors, and then just mix them. My question to anybody willing to read this is; will it work? Is it possibly a bad idea to use the same paints that people simply color their walls with? Or should I just paint it like I'm painting on canvas or paper?
  14. That's a very bad image to start with. I suggest drawing fruit like an apple or something, it's simple and good practice for both shapes and shading.
  15. Because papa is what tho pope is called in multiple languages, and phobia is fear. Also, the pope is an [wagon]. Why do people like this game so much? :P
  16. Okay the spacing done, hope it's better.
  17. Sorry for the interruption, but I just can't believe this thread is still up after over two years! Wow, you guys must be having a lot of fun.
  18. Thanks a ton, I'll work on doing the fixes as soon I get home.
  19. A fierce and short knock came from the door on the far side of the large hall. The noise of it attacked the calming melody Lea was playing on her piano, like a parasite jumping on a graceful cat. She finished the piece early with a nice and calm ending, her fingers smoothly gliding over the keys. She got up and silently walked across the marble floor, under the bright and beautiful ceiling that made her home resemble a very cozy cathedral. She didn't hurry for the door, despite not having anybody enter her house for the past three years. Who ever knocked simply would not have the guts to do it again. The pulled the massive doors open with the strength few humans would have, and the one at the door most certainly did not. It was Mr. Moncrief, wearing a thick fur hat and a long black cloak, whatever hatred and irritation that was in his mind was suddenly wiped away by her intimidating presence. The dark night behind him was turned gray by a thick snow storm, and the lights of the distant town could only be made out by her eyes. She was rather impressed by the fact that he actually made it to her home in such snow fall, his nose was amusingly red, and his shivering made her feel bad. That was a first, maybe a good sign. Lea Lailey. He said, acknowledging her appearance. Mr. Moncrief, come inside. She spoke in a light and smooth tone. He happily walked into the warm home, leaving pieces of snow behind as they went into the sitting room, where she offered him a seat on a soft and ornate sofa, and herself sat on an armchair. He was searching for words as he was looking at her, she wasn't very tall, but had long, black hair that curled around her smooth face and red eyes. Her elegant white dress displayed her large breasts well. Miss Lailey, I don't know if you heard of the recent disturbances... I have heard, I've heard the piercing screams through the nights. They irritate me like nothing ever has. He was staring at her with wide eyes, not out of shock or fear, but out of confusion. He had to recalibrate his theories. So what do you want from me? Here, how about a drink. She took a bottle of very old and expensive wine from the table next to her, and began pouring it into two glasses. The villagers are very frightened as you can imagine. he said, now sipping from his glass. Well of course, human nature is so predictable. Something happens, and the first thing anybody does is go mad, and an entire town is in uproar. Everybody attacks each other rather than the actual threat. Humans themselves are shamed by this fallacy. But the keep doing it, such hypocrites. She spoke in such a natural tone, as if she had guests over every day. Mr. Moncrief simply stared at his glass. Let me guess. She continued. They think it's me. Some do. He spoke almost in a whisper. They sent me here to talk. I haven't stepped outside my home in thirty years now. I have lost so much in my life time, I don't need anything more than the peaceful existence of this house. I just want to reflect, not on the life I had, not the people who were once alive, but only on myself. You could almost say, I'm already dead. She didn't look at him as she spoke, she just looked on the gleaming floor in front of her, with an emotionless face. Mr. Moncrief looked around him just barely allowing his head to turn. The house around him was perfectly clean. There were no maids, and just by looking at her something told him that she didn't do any cleaning either. It was only her ability to not allow anything to degrade, everything just stood still with her through time. It was unreal. It, it irritated him, angered him. But that is the very reason they are afraid. They think after all these years you have gotten... hungry. Anger flashed through her eyes, but the silliness of such a presumption kept her quiet. He continued. I hope you understand they have a very good reason to believe so, and to be afraid. No, they don't. I don't think you understand Mr. Moncrief, not that I expect you to. I don't have any reason to be outside the walls of my home. I have learned to live without any consumption, a rare feat for those of my kind, and I have even gotten rather good at it. What could I possibly want with your town? Your kind... He mirrored her words in disgust. All the recent deaths point to the idea that it's your kind. Are you telling me one of your kind is ravaging through our town and you know nothing of it? Don't lump me in with others. I thought I made it clear the first two times that I have no business with anybody but myself. If I lumped you in with every other human on the planet you would not be worth looking at. She spoke through her teeth, keeping her tone even. The corpses are almost unrecognizable! The homes are half destroyed, I don't- I don't know what to do. He almost whimpered, and stood up. I don't know what is happening, but whatever it is, it's just like you! I want you to just stop, what ever is happening, stop it! Stop doing it. What is this? She stood up, speaking quietly now. You really think it's me? But he didn't back down. You're all the same, a parasite destroying our world! You have something to do with this! None of the towns folk asked you to come, did they? You came on you own will. You're just a monster, stop doing what you're doing! Stop it and go away! He looked like he was on the verge of tears. She didn't speak, just glared right at him. He began cursing, profanities came out of his mouth along with bits of saliva, his finger pointing above as he waved it, screaming more curses at her. Then she took a single step forward. Her beautiful marble floor was suddenly covered in a massive splatter of gleaming red blood. It was dripping from her mouth, and on her dress. She walked over to what was left of him. Look at you Mr. Moncrief. You made me loose my temper, and break my streak. I've even forgotten how to eat without making such a mess. Now she had to clean. She didn't like to clean, she had kept her house spotless for as long as she's been here without lifting a mop. She couldn't even remember if she had a mop. She stopped and allowed her irritation to drift away. Once everything was cleaned up, she put on a thick and expensive fur coat that hasn't been touched in ages. The brown fur flowed all the way down to her feet, hiding her shoes almost entirely. She walked outside. It was a mesmerizing sight, the pine trees stood gracefully in the blowing snow as it accumulated in massive heaps on the ground, and the background was entirely dark gray. A soothing mixture of snow and darkness of the night. The horse he came here on stood silently as the snow accumulated on top of it. It stared quietly as she ripped off the ropes, releasing it. It galloped away down the path leading up to her house, it's hooves muffled by the thick snow, it quickly disappeared into the dark background. She walked down the path towards the town, curious about what could possibly be terrorizing the town to make those mongrels blame her. She didn't run, or she would be there before a snowflake could travel her height. All the time in the world was hers. The town still got close fast, she could see the lights of the town shimmering peacefully in the distance. Her eyes concentrated, and narrowed, the town became clear enough for to make out the individual people. How long has it been since she had done that? But looking at the town she had always ignored, seeing the people living peacefully, it made her stop. They didn't look too weary, they just bolted extra locks into their doors, quietly ate dinner, and kissed their children good night. There was no madness, neighbors didn't turn on each other. How did she not realize this before? This vast world was full of threats, things born with strength and power beyond their own control, having to defend one self and live with a little extra caution was a natural part of everybody's life, human or not. She realized then, standing still in the night, letting the large flakes swirl down on her hair from the vast gray sky. It was she that Lumped Mr. Moncrief in with the rest of them, her all this time. They didn't suspect her, she didn't bother them, and they didn't bother her, it's exactly how she wanted to live. Mr. Moncrief won't be missed. She looked up at the snow falling fast from the dark gray sky. Maybe this wasn't her life after all. She somewhat missed the world she had shut herself away from since everyone she loved was killed. But there was no more purpose out there for her, just thinking about it was always like an implosion in her heart. But maybe, just maybe she could find a new purpose to carry her through this unfairness that life is. She turned at a sound of the distant grunts and thuds of someone fast and heavy. The next moment, a beast was storming at her full speed, missing the tree trunks just barely as the closed in on her. It was massive, dark gray with a male human figure. It's arms were long, probably reaching the ground if it stood still. It's face was crumpled and disfigured, eyes shut closed as if some invisible force was keeping it that way, and it's moth wide open as it desired what was under her skin. But it didn't know what that was, it only assumed. She jumped a blink of an eye before it reached her, a human wouldn't see her movements. The beast stopped with all the force it had, thinking only of how to change it's direction as fast as possible to reach her, thus it rolled backwards unable to pull it's weight in time to face her. She landed waist deed in the snow while the beast pulled it self up again. It leaned forward just a bit and kicked off again, blowing massive amounts of snow in out of it's was as it's body stormed at her. Before it would notice, she was already behind him again. This time as it pulled all it's strength to turn around again, she was just steps away. She burrowed her open palm into it's stomach with a loud and resounding crack. It didn't move. She slammed her other hand against the top of it's head, and it's entire upper body slammed into the deep snow, unconscious. She kicked his body over so she could see it's front. Would you look at that. She said leaning down to the unconscious beast. It really is one of my kind. Some idiot created you and then abandoned you, how sad. Nobody taught you how to be civilized. She spoke in a calm and smooth voice, leaning down to it. It's entire body was packed with small and unnecessary muscles. At least six times the number of muscles that the average specie has. ...Such an inefficient body. That was the result of a horrific transformation, and a terrible birth. But as it lay there, it was so peaceful. It's not what it was meant to be, they never are. What it's meant to be is locked away deep inside it... No, him. He would just run and eat until his flawed body would simply fall apart muscle by muscle, bone by bone. But maybe... Maybe she really was capable of a new purpose, a new life after everything else was gone. This beast... No... This boy, with her help these flaws would grow off, this instinct would fall under his own control, and he could become himself, a fine Vampyre. Her new purpose was lying at her feet, in the beauty of this snowy forest. Suddenly the world grew big again. --------------------- All input highly appreciated.
  20. My third language actually, but I think the real problem is that I didn't take enough time to proof read before putting it up. A bit careless of me. Same goes for the POV switching, I should keep it as third person. You are very right in everything you said. I'm planning to make many classes, all complex and different, yet all linked. I'm very glad you liked it, thanks a lot for the imput.
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    The Wiki Game

    Yeah, I have no idea who that is lol.
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    The Wiki Game

    It's just you. Now unless you're going to participate in the game, please don't do any more posting. As for the AK47, it took quite a while: Joaquim Nabuco, Pernambuco > Brazil > Brazilian Armed Forces > Brazilian Army > Russia > Armed Forces of the Russian Federation > Russian Ground Forces > List of equipment of the Russian Ground Forces > AK-74 > AK-47 Now do Microsoft
  23. Here's a game that takes a bit of skill and knowledge: Receive topic given by the previous winner. 1. Go to Wikipedia 2. Click "Random Article" 3. Navigate through the links in that article, and all the other articles you come across until you find the article on the specified topic. You have to do it in as few links as possible, and post your results. There is only one rule: You may not press the back button. First topic: Hitler Communauté de communes du canton de Roisel > Hancourt > France > World War II > Adolf Hitler GO!
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