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  1. the Robes of Subjugation which came out with the godwars update increase the magic damage by 9% for the whole set Ignore the weight in this picture, I had other items in my inventory. also, i'm not sure if you were aware, but the way magic damage is applied (based on personal experiments and calculations) [requiring the level to be manually entered as over 99 for the magic calculator when using storm of armadyl or polypore spells] is: [base hit] * highest damage boost * second highest boost * third highest boost * (etc)
  2. strongly reccomend you do not use gano top + bottom, the range minion is extremely powerful and accurate, he will wreck you. i have done zamorak boss for slayer before, i usually pray range once boss is dead, using karil top + verac skirt/bandos tassets + dfs setup, and i still am hit fairly often by the range minion while killing kril (i have ovl + turm) for special attack, do not use darklight; claws (if possible) or EEE are what i would suggest.
  3. thank you for catching that corrected picture this is taken directly from the RuneScape Facebook page from a message posted saturday. I added in the arrows and black text. hopefully this helps support that RotM IS the next update. link to the pictures source
  4. Happy birthday :D

  5. when killing the dagannoth kings, Rex dropped a Court Summons, which is not listed on his drop table. im also assuming that Prime/Supreme drop Court summons also, since they share some other drops and classify as "high level monsters"
  6. melee maximum hit calculator i have noticed for a while that several weapons and/or armour pieces have lower max hits in the calculator than in rs. the main flaw i have noticed is the maximum hit the calculator gives me for using an armadyl godsword special with void melee gear is 671, while yesterday in a poh i managed to hit a 742 armadyl godsword special. the forum thread below has a more accurate formula that i find to be very close to my confirmed max hits. my theory is that the formula in the calculator might not use the right numbers for the specials, armadyl godsword has a 1.34375 bonus in calculation, not the 25% given on the rs website. also, void knight armour gives around a 1.2x multiplier rather than the 10% bonus listed on the rs website http://[Use Quick Find Code]/c=wUNbpXYsnO4/[Please Use QuickFind Code]?97,98,143,58596691
  7. for the smithing calculator, add the ability to combine smelting experience with the double experience from smithing an item using a morphic/volatile hammer [Crew edit: As mentioned below in a separate post, this has been implemented.]
  8. nice guide, i'm going to have to get my def up and try this
  9. amazing kills, where do you get your drop potential at?, or do u just get it by killin ppl?
  10. 10/10, very nice vid. maybe i could pk at gwd with u sometime, im lvl 110
  11. This was made by my friend, Jimera0 All credit goes to him
  12. poison chalice.... heals 1-49, randomly can boost crafting +2 if heals 0, can damage any noncombat stat up to 49
  13. dunno if this if the right forum but it's about time i got a lvl 3 clue ( i'm only lvl 85 )
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