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  1. Agreed. The op was obviously not prepared for what he was attempting. If i saw you running around the wild with mage robes on and no protect pray, the outcome wouldnt have been much diffrent. :shame:
  2. im all for envy but im not willing to be a part of TS or IRC :unsure:
  3. well the whole 1 hit thing shouldnt be much a problem considering you can use an extreme defence and jagex has already said they plan to "take a look" at powerful weapons like dragon claws and korasis, idk about GS's or a maul. its easy to get technically 1 hit now, go run around multi. the risk issue should be handle like all of the other non-valuable gear. (torso, fire cape, gloves etc.) maybe give us the cost of super potion. i thought the risk thing was the whole 78k bs. these are the only real ways i see the pots being aloud in. i dont wanna get 1 hit either and the potentials there.
  4. The new (old) wilderness is supposed to be dangerous, why remove some of that danger by not allowing people use of what they have worked to use. If you cant use ext/ovl then why dont u train herb? its called DIY if your poor. I dont have any chaotic but you dont hear me crying over people ripping me up with rapiers, its because i understand that im not willing to put in time for rewards. If the case is you have ovls and still dont want them in the wild, go duel. If you want a restricted fight, we have a place for those. Id like a place where i can bring out the best of the best (in my possesion) P.S. the whole "but i cant tell if hes using ext/ovl because of his combat" yeah that logic is full of flaws. (example) i stand ontop of some 1 while attacking you, you cant even see what weapon im hitting you with. :roll: and the risk issue shouldnt be an issue anyone considering "RISK" itself is going out the window with the new/old wild. im in favor of extremes and overloads in the wild, not just because i can use them BUT for the fact that its the wilderness. if you want a fair fight, go somewhere else. the wild isnt fair and never has been.
  5. never had a problem with bunny ears, had them since rsc. I dont care about the new items.
  6. fering to the 4 minions I feel like this is getting overlooked. this would be the opposite order of the rest of the boss's.
  7. the 4 minions are each masters of the elements, so im assuming they all attack with a specific ancient magick spell. i wonder about attacks of the non-minion mages for the KC. man that solo video...idk what to say. lets start with the 4 mages next time?
  8. so the 4 ancient mages must be killed before nex? interesting tactic here.
  9. i have faith in dell. and in my 2 year warranty :thumbsup:
  10. We need to have an opt. out day where we get all the members of fansites to unsubscribe from membership then explain that we dont like playing with botters, they dont respond or join in on all the group activities.... :unsure:
  11. let's see those facts, as a 8 year vetern, i'm concerned and feel jagex needs the money, considering how they used to have teeth. I feel like your 100% right, its all about money and i belive is due to the condition the real world is in. JAGEX IS FEEDING US CRAP AND WE SHOULD ALL STOP EATING IT.
  12. i figured id post to let you guys know what i got and for the mods to close this whenever they feel the need to. for alittle over $500 i purchased a Dell inspiron 580, i5 core, 750GB hardrive and 4Gs of RAM. im going to assume i have an intel graphics card but like i said, RS is the only game i play so graphics isnt a big deal. So far its a huuuge step-up from my 1G pc from 2002 lol. I can actually watch HD videos and play RS on HD....AT THE SAME TIME :roll: not to mention uploading videos and music is like minute process instead of a hour long adventure. but thanks guys, appriciate the help.
  13. botting = deflation :shades: it is crap tbh, jagex needs to slam the banhammer the 1st time you get caught macroing. but honestly. Think outside the box. Think real world, its obvious money is a problem in our day and age so maybe jagex is just securing themselves financially (only reason i can explain the cover up conspiracy) damn the tuition hikes and obamacare! :blink:
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