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  1. yea dung can be 500k/h i can get 240k-300k/h by suiciding usualy you just need a nice 15 minute team
  2. COMPLETIONIST CAPE NOW WORKS AS SPIRIT CAPE!?!?!?!?!?!?!? woot more motivation to max now
  3. you guys realise the dps gap between storm and rapier is roughly the same dps gap a a rapier and a d scim? yes its that much better the list you named is so so so short, yes metals are obvious but it goes further to any monster wehre youd hit more than 70% in full virtus this could continue to include blk demons, probably mutated vleds, definately dags, definately hellhounds, probably dark beasts, and thats just the start of the list id bet alot of money that more than half of the efficient task list is stormable, if not 3/4
  4. i believe jack of all trades is now officialy purchasable waiting for someone to buy it so i can get a positive review before i get it
  5. he could play 100 hours a day and probably not catch suomi i hope his dice clan rank can buy him a time machine
  6. boots are rising again, this is nice steadfast went from like 18 back to 30 in 2 days, staffs hanging around 40, glavien are about 27 i think and rage are back to aroudn 10 id say the price of the "glacor set" went back up like 30% in last 2 days
  7. how exactly are you hitting 62.5x per 30 seconds with a rapier? if your doing that much dmg why even claw spec plz teach me
  8. suomi obviously bug abused nearly 600m of his xp at lrc
  9. i was not aware seperate pieces of mage dmg stacked always thougt cs + asn = 35%...not 38% this is even more interesting is thats true
  10. the numbers i used assume that HOWEVER....if you use storm of arma + chaotic staff it still beats rapier by like 6%, so it wins without staff, and wins even worse with staff
  11. for years, since the whip prettymuch, melee has always been top of the food chain on dps. with the release of the rapier it became even more dominating, on top of already existing boosters like turmoil. finaly after many years in sepetmber 2011, melee is no longer the #1 dps the storm of armadyl at 77 mage has a base damage of 0-160, but every adding mage lvl boosts both the min and max by 5. this means at 99 mage, 22 lvls higer, the spell hits 110-270. to further boost it, mage pot bonus works on top of it meaning at 106/99 mage you hit 145<->305 every hit. now lets add on 30% mage dmg from arma bstaff + asn, and 1.21x from mage pot/wolper/ovl boosting by 1.573 makes the new hit range 228-479 this makes the average hit 353.5 on normal hits, being the same speed as a rapier this is the equivilent dps of a rapier hitting 707 max in normal combat by adding in a slayer helm bonus the avg hit is boosted to 406.525, the same as a rapier maxing 813. Since a rapier maxs around 660 on slayer (not counting kuras for both)......... drumroll for the finale please.......... ~~~~~~~~ THIS MEANS THE FINAL RAW DPS OF STORM OF ARMADYL IS ~1.23X HIGHER THAN A RAPIER ~~~~~~~~~ i never thought id see the day but melee has been dethroned for #1 raw dps (raw meaning accuracy not included, mage def/melee def still change results) is everyone else as interested about this as i am?
  12. According to Latin, the spell works as follows: You have a base max of 160, +5 for every magic level past 77, for a base hit of 110-270 at 99 magic before boosts, or 145-305 at 106 magic. After that you add boosts for 1.21*1.15*1.15(*1.15 on task) for a hit between 266 and 561 on task, +40 fero. That gives you an average hit of 453 in Kuradal's, every 4 ticks, at range, and more accurate than rapier on metals. Apart from the cost, metal dragon tasks are now awesomer than ever (and irons were only marginally worth doing). Now that is assuming I understood correctly :P. It does sound awfully close to how it works imo. @Below: Definitely, I can see Suomi have a lead of as high as 500m given time. well my quick calcing got 407 avg on slayer, 447 avg in kuradals, and 353 avg everywhere else (example:crawlers) so if rapier averages 330 for most slayer hits, then soa is about 1.23x the dps of rapier i was not aware the +5 worked on boosted, this means my previous base avg calc of 190 ((110+270)/2) should actualy be 225 ((145+305)/2) meaning it actualy destroys rapier in dps
  13. storm of armadyl is 1.06x the raw dps of rapier, just sayin assuming you use it on tasks of equal accuracy and you just boosted slayer by 6% id say this is definately better on things like steels or any med def stuff
  14. thing is their teams average 11 mins while trying to get 9 min maps, not getting a lucky map that coulda been 8 mins w/ a hero team and doing it in 11 min 50 seconds no, the fastest bullseyes team has ever done a warp is also 11 minutes, and this couldnt have been completed more than 30 seconds faster, since we all were suiciding averagin 11 minutes on f15s inst hard, but id like to see bullseye average 11 minute warps, seeing as thats the fastest hes ever done one himself wat.. hes had like 20 10 min warps just 0 <10 even i was w/ him for a 10 min 50 second warp L he's not gonna upload the same floor time 20x i wish hed have uploaded that sub 10 occ he did, but i still cant wait to see the first ever sub 10 warp, weather its him, or me and these guys with a real lucky floor
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