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  1. The fiscal year ended Mar, so the 9 months is between Mar and Dec..that's the 9.5 mil pound loss. So however you look at it, Jagex was in the red that year. Someone needs to dig up exactly what happened Mar-Dec 2011
  2. The report's finally out...3 months+ late. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B5iRY6C8tGKLcGhlblVoN1hkbUE/edit They had bad numbers indeed. From a basic skim, they had a 9.5 million pound loss for the year. They still have about 10 million pounds of funds left. They made a point of including a seperate, not required pstt of the report basically saying how successful they were until March of the year (6mil pound profit) but for the whole year still managed to come out 9.5 mil in the red. I don't actually remember what happened around mar 2011... The people at stellar dawn central will probably read a lot more deeper into everything and write their analysis.
  3. Stellar dawn thread on the topic, actally posted almost 2 months ago http://www.stellardawncentral.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=19975 The only reason a company would delay such a (public) report over penalties and now, a threat to dissolve/liquidate the company is of course to hide the bad, bad numbers. Honestly, Jagex would have been better off if they focused on retaining the rs population instead of trying to start other things, all of them which have failed: mechscape->stellar dawn, 8realms, a US crackpot studio that has made 1 fb book with less likes than my grandma, a transformers games that still haven't shown a single gameplay trailer...Oh and does ayone remember funorb?
  4. Are you serious? This argument? Why not apply it to all religions? You can't prove God isn't real... I would highly, highly doubt that the reviews mentioning things like department Christmas parties, "staff jollies"(whatever these are), and how many pounds they made per hour are fake. Exactly who do you guys think have the time to just sit there and write fake negative reviews? Most of then read quite differently and some of them are quite long... The burder of proof is very much on you.
  5. Then why would ignore you the 20 real reviews to pick out the one obvious fake one to quote back at me? You must feel the need to rationalise something.
  6. The couple of fake reviews you can easily tell, they're the 3 newest ones- but the majority seem completely legit and echoes the almost same message: Management (ivp) incompetent, pay is near or below minimum wage with expected unpaid overtime, all of the older staff who are sympathetic to players are being fired, no room for promotions/career advancements. Imagine a jagex customer service guy, who puts on a brave face as a "jmod" on rsof... Because if he doesn't toe the party line he doesn't even keep his job. This is precisely what I thought they have felt. You all can rationalize however you want... It seems everyone left here is a Jagex/Ivp fanboy anyways...
  7. Mmm really? I just randomly copy and paste this... These aren't devastating enough for ya? It actually really do give me a lot of pleasure reading some of this. It's exactly what I imagined what Jagex after Gower would be like. Cons Where do I start? Incompetent senior management. Maybe I should highlight and underline that? In fact I can't think of one senior manager who could actually manage people with any skill. Communication. Awful. Attitude to customers. Unbelievably bad. I give you FunOrb, War of Legends, RuneScape etc etc Broken promises. Consistent and regular Regularly choosing the exact and polar opposites of what normal, sane, intelligent people would do. Making knee jerk decisions. Constantly. Bringing in industry experienced professionals who would last approximately 6 months before they understood what a mad house Jagex is, and leaving the good guys to clear up the mess. Setting ridiculous targets. I mean ridiculous. Wanting everything done tomorrow. No planning. Putting unbelievable pressure to deliver on pointless projects. The current drive to rid the company of people who've been there since the start but who might not have a tick in a particular box. For redundancies read compromise agreements.
  8. Announced: - Filter updates, breaking (probably temporarily) spambots - ETA this week - Bot breaking update larger than the original bot nuke - ETA "next few weeks" - JAG - ETA "two weeks" - updating the client to work with HTML5 (implementation was hazy here) - ETA unclear, prolly by year's end - Mobile platform RS client - ETA unclear, probably by year's end though now that they have the dev team - vague promises on further tech updates as well as content updates - ETA throughout the rest of the year Dunno how that's a lack of substance in your world. I'm not saying there wasn't a lot of bullshit in there too, but you must've misread to not think that it offered a lot of information, too. Well, counting number of negative adjectives you used - probably x2, hazy x1, vague x1, unclear x1....yup. Sounds like a lot of empty promises to me. And I have learned many years ago to not believe any Jagex ETA's.
  9. Boy is he gonna be in trouble for even making that post. But yes, at least good to know that among all the evil, there maybe some good (but powerless) left at Jagex.
  10. You mean aside from the fact that he announced no less than 5 new features to the game, 3 of which are being released in the next two months? I guess when you look at it like that, there was no substance at all. You're right. Mmm... So all I saw was the security bit, really? That counts as content? Have no idea what you mean by the other 5 pcs. The html5 is not gonna come for years, if at all.
  11. Reading MMG's blurb felt a lot like the speeches at the RNC last night. Written by mindless speech writers with zero factchecking for the express purpose of PR and propaganda. Soooo little substance. Sooo many complete outright lies. MMG might as well be running for the republican nomination. And out of everyone at Jagex who could have made that post, I felt like MMG had the least credibility.
  12. Inb4 unraveling october, fattening november, dazzling december...btw...it's always the LAST chance to get {insert random crap} and FREE xp! Shut up and send us your money now.
  13. Try the other two investment firms, the Raine group and Spectrum Equity. This really is hilarious to see for me. I don't know any other game studios has to censor their investors on their forums just because of how hated they are. Oh btw, I hope you investors lose even more money as more and more former rs players become haters.
  14. Of which 100m are bots and 10m were ppl who made accts to spin for extra crap. Probably 90m more inactive accounts. Wee.
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