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  1. Reviving this... Almost all organized dice clans are gone now. Not necessarily all recent as some happened weeks ago, but "recent" bans include: Dragon Dyce/replacement FCs Twisty/Replacement FCs This/Replacement FCs Bolt/Replacement FCs Fear One/Replacement FCs The only clans still left are Apple FC, Wage FC, Smokin Mils FC, and Legit One FC, though due to 07scape, constant FC / Chinese reseller bans, swift advertising/hosting mutes, and etc., there are basically no bets occurring in there. In my slightly biased opinion, I think they should have left at least one or perhaps two organized clans left. In some of the biggest clans such as Dragon Dyce, no scamming went on as you could actually make more long run by simply not scamming. Instead, those are all banned now and what we are left with are small clans/solo hosts where scammers are rampant. There will never be a way to ever fully remove gambling, ever. IRC clans exist, and hosts can simply undercut whatever system Jagex implements, even if its only 10m/hr (shit for hosts) they will do it. The only way to kill gambling is to kill free trade. In related news, Fishy is back in full swing in 07 hosting flower games in "Cam n Fishy" FC. He and his hosts take bets and MM gold in there, and they *promise* they won't RWT anymore. Seems legit.
  2. This fine will translate to more micro transaction/lower quality updates passed onto us to compensate for monetary loss EDIT: nvm saw the fine amounts lol
  3. Fishy is now hosting in Varrock FC according to his newest video. In his new video he also promises to give back all the GP he makes and not keep any of it for himself/sell it, AKA waste his time hosting out of the goodness of his own heart. Seems legit.
  4. Well then don't no life it. I doubt that's what it was intended for. Probably was made to do here and there for fun. Just like everything else/every skill. But no, everything in RuneScape must be approached like a formula, fastest way to do this, that, etc. that's why people get burned out, and that's not Jagex's fault
  5. Fishy has quit. I imagine he'll be back in some form eventually. Most fishy hosts are now ranked in Varrock FC. Some are in Apple FC, some in Bolt AKA Card FC.
  6. I've not been keeping up with this thread. Does anyone have the new armor yet, and if not, is there an estimate on how close people are to getting it?
  7. Santas were 25m during the time of that pic, based off a diff pic I took days later selling it for that. Also had a pic of me buying a DFS for 24m, lol
  8. If the armor takes forever to acquire and the tradeable version only lasts 10 hours and can't be repaired, I predict most people will just opt for the better+repairable version and not even bother with the other tradeables. Nex sets are immediately availible and are reasonably affordable now, are not much worse, and don't disappear. The only way people will buy the irreparable ones are if they look cool.
  9. Are the new armors improvements over the Nex gear? I understand they're higher leveled but I still wasn't sure.
  10. Actually they ough to make it skippable for a reasonably high amount of GP. Game needs more money sinks
  11. Few days after Godwars came out.... He didn't take that offer BTW
  12. It's Fishy's fault for the situation he placed himself in. Definitely attracted far too much attention to himself, made too big a noticeable fuss in World 2, and called out a few too many Jmods. At some point he probably started to feel invincible, but what he forgot was the people he was telling off and talking shit on were working for the company where his business exists.
  13. It appears Win All Day is attempting to make a return His FC is either Win All Bets FC, or W A D FC, not sure which is run by him
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