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  1. This thread should be preserved somehow. The current front page looks a bit different to last time I saw it. From what I remember of le me, my question would be how the [bleep] did that happen.
  2. For me personally, I stopped playing RS a lot, spent another year or so playing in bursts and then stopped playing completely. Even after I stopped playing completely I stayed around on various community sites/irc and kept up with a couple of youtube channels etc. but that dropped off over time and nowadays I just have sporadic contact with the closer friends I made from RS. The game feels completely alien even from when I used to enjoy playing, which wasn't so long ago... and I won't be playing RS3 again. For those of us who did mostly use TIF for the RS related side of things rather than off topic, once you stop playing you obviously check the site less and less and get out of the habit of doing so. I'd guess it's mostly the OT guys who are still around now? I don't see reddit as a replacement for forums, I use both mediums differently and very, very rarely contribute anything myself on reddit. But I can see how people would focus more on subreddits than community sites nowadays.
  3. 2011 for me, mostly because the race to 200m all was so interesting at that point.
  4. Even with the xp waste/200m all mindset getting into full gear in 2010/2011, competitive castle wars and dungeoneering were still extremely popular, you can blame eoc for the death of both of those.
  5. Best top 15 update for years, 10/10 would read again.
  6. Even though I barely played for months, seeing those effigy pics still makes me want to log back in and slay all weekend, just for the warm feeling of seeing that teddy bear on the ground. I think I need help.
  7. Not a character from the books, at least as far as I remember.
  8. ... Please, 'learning' to kill a boss is not something worthy of "put in the effort to achieve your goals." The people who are complaining about this requirement (of which I am not one) have no problem with putting effort in - they've already obtained the comp cape several times with the traditional requirements, which required far more effort than a little rs 'pvm'. Most of these people are complaining about the nature of these latest reqs, which are dissimilar to what the comp cape used to stand for. To be frank, those people have a stake in this discussion - do you? If not, maybe you should think twice before putting them down by suggesting they are not willing to put the effort in.
  9. Mandatory page 69 post. God help the maths students of wherever the [bleep] you live.
  10. GL with your RL stuff. Obviously mish. When I get [bleep]ed off at RS I find the log in for 5-10 mins and rage log thing just prolongs things. Better to just stop completely for a couple months'/ however long you need and and you'll get the itch to play back again soon enough.
  11. So has this increased/decreased the bonus agility/mining/fm /hr?
  12. I think it was the combination of EoC and the ridiculous way they went about introducing MTX. One or the other would have been OK, but if you're going to destroy both the gameplay and any sense of achievement from playing, what's left really? MOBAs have very little to do with MMOs and are more similar to an RTS-lite genre.
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