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  1. Grats buddy! .. But now it's my turn! Was killing Magister and as soon as I got the kill my client closed and said session expired, log on to this, lol (Ranged pet) Was 5 scraps off 100 so just kept fighting and somehow got the pet! At 105 KC! :)
  2. I accidentally got 200m range at warbands a week ago or so, and 120 slayer now, both of which I was saving along with a few other achievements to get at once..
  3. Would be interested in seeing those notes tbh, run into anyone from my fc, sixthagepk?
  4. Title #6 8 helms, 7 hilts, 4 bcps, 3 boots, 3 tassets, and 2 shields and around 10 effigies till I finally got the gloves lol >_> Grats Yomi, awesome title, but cmonBruh and you realize most real pkers hop around inside, and there's 2 entrances to come in from :}
  5. was afk and came back to this :) now i just have con and hunter left, not really looking forward to training hunter or construction
  6. yeah not much interest in this game anymore, but i've been slaying and working on my menaphos trim requirements here and there managed to finally get invention pet @188m
  7. Yeah, I tried that and had a bunch of lag and delay from all the people there.
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