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  1. I'm all for this update, however, it's bound to end or for them to go back on their word once their top player after dedicated hundreds of hours into the game gets killed due to a connection lost.
  2. I think he's Design Director now, or he was when I last spoke to him. I was hoping he'd get CEO, the game would definitely be back to over 100K+ players active at a single time.
  3. Yeah I think most people liked where it was going before EoC. That's why 07 is so popular. Sorry dude, your only options are either to quit playing altogether or only play 07. Pre-EOC combat isn't gonna be returning any time soon. Pre EoC will never return, that's a fact. That would be a giant step backwards in my opinion, what they need to do now is focus on what they currently have and try make the very best PvM available. Also, I think instead of PvP they should simply focus on PvP minigames, similar to CW and FP as a start, but obviously better with more significant rewards. This is just my own personal opinion, but I think CW (the upmost most expensive item regarding tickets) should have immense stats, possibly better than most in the game (as a set effect) as this requires a ridiculous amount of time to attain.
  4. I quit pretty much as soon as he took over as CEO, whether this is a coincidence or due to the direction he took the game I can't actually remember. Personally, I was hoping Mark would have either got or applied for the CEO job. In all honesty, he's (MMG) probably getting out before the game goes south even more.
  5. According to Jagex it is; I was just going off their website's info. ;) I've played it a bit and it's ok so far. I'm not sure if I like the PvP aspect too much. From the little I've played it seems that players can attack you any time they want. I haven't died yet so I'm not sure what that is like but hopefully I won't lose anything that I might of collected. I think it has real potential to be a good game, let's just hope Jagex does it right. Massive difference between MMORPG and MMO(G), TU is definitely an MMO(G).
  6. I thought that too, until I started playing Marvel Heroes this past week :D
  7. Why do they go back on their own rules then? This is what Orion clearly does (the quote below, underlined). * Software that monitors, modifies or decrypts the communications between our game applets and our game worlds. There's no way Orion could do the things it does unless it reads/monitors the packets.
  8. My problem is that I get my thing pretty well set up with the tabs I typically use but then if I open up something that I typically don't use, it gets automatically added to my interface somewhere and creates a scrollbar and then I have to go and delete it. Is there a way around that? :| That is what pisses me off the most.
  9. Hahahaa! They definitely need to update the backpack, make Strength actually worth levelling up other than to hit more with Melee.
  10. Either way, I think adding Legacy mode is sadly too late, I think they've realised the people that voted 'yes' for Legacy could potentially leave the game if it wasn't produced, therefore I think it's a last-ditch attempt to keep them and try attract old players back.
  11. I got the 75 Strength which I was aiming for! [spoiler=74 Strength]
  12. My opinion? It's too late, I genuinely think that the people that like EoC now may leave the game (as I believe they may remove EoC in the future) and Jagex will be back at square-one. The reason I think they'll remove EoC: I just don't see how in say 3 years time from now they can keep bringing 2 types of updates for the game (one that works with Legacy and one that works with EoC) it seems far too much work and there needs to be just one, simple system in place otherwise in time, things could get very confusing. One example could be boss killing or quests, it could be easier to do a quest/beat a boss in EoC because of all the added abilities rather than Legacy mode.
  13. I completely agree with the losing friends section, I'd say over 90% of my Friends list now is simply inactive/quit. This may sound weird, but it's hard to find friends these days for myself as most of them tend to just want to add me because they remember my name from something, that to me is hardly a friend.
  14. To target a new audience, do any of you think it's about time they made RuneScape playable through tablets? I mean, with low detail/safe mode obviously, otherwise the tablets will overheat and break.
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