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  1. I'm all for this update, however, it's bound to end or for them to go back on their word once their top player after dedicated hundreds of hours into the game gets killed due to a connection lost.
  2. I think he's Design Director now, or he was when I last spoke to him. I was hoping he'd get CEO, the game would definitely be back to over 100K+ players active at a single time.
  3. Yeah I think most people liked where it was going before EoC. That's why 07 is so popular. Sorry dude, your only options are either to quit playing altogether or only play 07. Pre-EOC combat isn't gonna be returning any time soon. Pre EoC will never return, that's a fact. That would be a giant step backwards in my opinion, what they need to do now is focus on what they currently have and try make the very best PvM available. Also, I think instead of PvP they should simply focus on PvP minigames, similar to CW and FP as a start, but obviously better with more significant rewards. This is just my own personal opinion, but I think CW (the upmost most expensive item regarding tickets) should have immense stats, possibly better than most in the game (as a set effect) as this requires a ridiculous amount of time to attain.
  4. I quit pretty much as soon as he took over as CEO, whether this is a coincidence or due to the direction he took the game I can't actually remember. Personally, I was hoping Mark would have either got or applied for the CEO job. In all honesty, he's (MMG) probably getting out before the game goes south even more.
  5. According to Jagex it is; I was just going off their website's info. ;) I've played it a bit and it's ok so far. I'm not sure if I like the PvP aspect too much. From the little I've played it seems that players can attack you any time they want. I haven't died yet so I'm not sure what that is like but hopefully I won't lose anything that I might of collected. I think it has real potential to be a good game, let's just hope Jagex does it right. Massive difference between MMORPG and MMO(G), TU is definitely an MMO(G).
  6. I thought that too, until I started playing Marvel Heroes this past week :D
  7. Why do they go back on their own rules then? This is what Orion clearly does (the quote below, underlined). * Software that monitors, modifies or decrypts the communications between our game applets and our game worlds. There's no way Orion could do the things it does unless it reads/monitors the packets.
  8. My problem is that I get my thing pretty well set up with the tabs I typically use but then if I open up something that I typically don't use, it gets automatically added to my interface somewhere and creates a scrollbar and then I have to go and delete it. Is there a way around that? :| That is what pisses me off the most.
  9. Hahahaa! They definitely need to update the backpack, make Strength actually worth levelling up other than to hit more with Melee.
  10. Either way, I think adding Legacy mode is sadly too late, I think they've realised the people that voted 'yes' for Legacy could potentially leave the game if it wasn't produced, therefore I think it's a last-ditch attempt to keep them and try attract old players back.
  11. I got the 75 Strength which I was aiming for! [spoiler=74 Strength]
  12. My opinion? It's too late, I genuinely think that the people that like EoC now may leave the game (as I believe they may remove EoC in the future) and Jagex will be back at square-one. The reason I think they'll remove EoC: I just don't see how in say 3 years time from now they can keep bringing 2 types of updates for the game (one that works with Legacy and one that works with EoC) it seems far too much work and there needs to be just one, simple system in place otherwise in time, things could get very confusing. One example could be boss killing or quests, it could be easier to do a quest/beat a boss in EoC because of all the added abilities rather than Legacy mode.
  13. I completely agree with the losing friends section, I'd say over 90% of my Friends list now is simply inactive/quit. This may sound weird, but it's hard to find friends these days for myself as most of them tend to just want to add me because they remember my name from something, that to me is hardly a friend.
  14. To target a new audience, do any of you think it's about time they made RuneScape playable through tablets? I mean, with low detail/safe mode obviously, otherwise the tablets will overheat and break.
  15. I was assuming you meant something like this, which kind of has a similar effect. A few tweaks could get that close to what you seem to want. Perhaps @Alg, @@Dan3HitU is possibly looking more for this one on the same page (http://forum.tip.it/topic/163183-post-all-rs-screenshots-videos-and-sounds-here/page-4107?do=findComment&comment=5470125) from @Miss Lioness??? It has a lot less in its' design for someone to have to handle all at the same time, and seems more reminiscent of the older RS2HD-style and previous stuff. ~D. V. "Just a Second Opinion" Devnull (p.s.: Yeah, I caught wind of this thread while checking new content. Please don't expect me to get crazy with diving into this board in general.) [Multiple late edits by post author, caused by current post rate on this thread, and missed thoughts.] I guess that seems the closest to what I was hoping for, sadly they don't provide exactly what I was after :( Personally I don't like that when you click for a new interface to appear (say armour, then backpack, then prayers, etc) it then automatically loads a tab and if you have too many in a set space it provides you with arrows to go through your open interface tabs, I'd like this removed entirely and just have them all active like on the old-style layout (sorry, this seems very hard to explain in text).
  16. You can? :o How do you do it? I meant keep the old static layout/tabs.
  17. This works fine: [spoiler]content[/spoiler]This no longer works (it did yesterday) [spoiler=give it a name]content [spoiler=give it a name]content[/spoiler]
  18. Myself too. I don't see why they can't simply stretch the game-part of the interface and leave the old-style stretched on the side with blank spaces.
  19. I had completely forgotten about that but I totally agree with you having remembered. Couldn't agree more.
  20. I was thinking the other night, was it really EoC that has actually hurt RuneScape as a brand and in terms of membership revenue? (could someone provide pictures/flow charts/pie charts?) I mean, I remember when on a Friday/Saturday night at UK 8-10pm time (ther most popular time for all countries to log in) there were over 120K people playing. Whereas now I only see around 60K max, which in my opinion is slightly concerning given that OSRS has 20K, which is only 1/3 of their proper game with full updates (by full I mean very frequent). Given that OSRS is currently hosting 1/3 of accounts to that of RS3, do you think that maybe the way of "Legacy" is too late and trying to revive a dying product? Or is opening OSRS with a support team their way of trying to claw back members that they once had? If it's the latter, do you think that within a few years the OSRS will be renamed/re-branded and have a full dedicated team the size of RS3? Finally, the question I would like answering: When did you first start to notice the falling numbers of online players and what do you think caused it? EDIT : To target a new audience, do any of you think it's about time they made RuneScape playable through tablets? I mean, with low detail/safe mode obviously, otherwise the tablets will overheat and break.
  21. That rule only concerns the communication between the client and the server. Orion doesn't monitor, modify, or decrypt that. It's completely legal. Not really possible for SK to do, though. I'm going out on a limb here given that I used to know a lot of people back when botting was at its peak back in RS1, if this client somehow displays information (within the game) that is hidden and it requires you to have java installed on your PC then I'm fairly sure it isn't using all the files to load RuneScape directly from their server, some must be installed to your hard drive, therefore is technically against RS rules. SK is basically a program with a frame that has RS within it, which can therefore never be against the rules by modifying the actual RS client as it's built with VB/.NET rather than Java.
  22. Just got myself 66 Hitpoints. Will be aiming for 75 Strength over this weekend and hopefully getting it. [spoiler=66 Hitpoints]
  23. Genuinely not sure what account build I'm going to end up creating, so for now, I'm just creating it as a low Defence account.
  24. [spoiler=My Intro To OSRS] I didn't like the way RS had progressed under the wings of the EoC update and felt that since MMG had taken over the reigns it was simply "his way or the wrong way", that's just my perception of the whole EoC update, ever since the online users have decreased significantly they're only now trying to revert back to the old mechanics of the way RS was played, but it's too late in my opinion. I stopped playing RS when the EoC update came about (I did give it some time, I just didn't like it) and I heard that Jagex were officially releasing the older, simpler, more user friendly version of RS, to which I started playing, it's only recently that I have started to play properly, by properly, I mean play more than 3 hours a week. I will keep this updated with my ever changing goals and also provide screenshots of the levels/goals I have achieved. I'm not too sure what type of an account to create yet, so I'm simply reverting back to what I know best (for the time being) and that's training a low-defence account. [spoiler=Where I Play RuneScape] [spoiler=Goals] My goals will be displayed in the format of dynamic signatures, but coloured in a way which people can easily understand. Red - Not started.Yellow - Currently training.Green - Completed.[spoiler=Attack] [spoiler=Strength] [spoiler=Ranged] [spoiler=Miscellaneous] [spoiler=Current Bank] [spoiler=Levels Gained] [spoiler=Strength] [spoiler=73 Strength] [spoiler=74 Strength] [spoiler=75 Strength] [spoiler=Hitpoints] [spoiler=65 Hitpoints] [spoiler=66 Hitpoints]
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