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  1. I think it would be UI elements done by the browser. Personally, I don't see why Jagex would change their own RuneScript, I mean, it's very easy to do, you don't really need to know Java, examples are simple such as, say during a cutscene your player moves, it would be. ;Start of the infamous cutscene @CutSceneFromQuest MoveTo(x,y) TalkToNPC(id) Wait(20) Answer(0) It's very easy to understand and do mainly because it's all be coded previously so they use the code above to make things easier for themselves, consider it sort of like a shortcut from the desktop to your downloads folder, rather than going into C: then navigating to the folder with multiple clicks.
  2. So he's quit for League of Legends? Nice. Would have been better if he'd changed his name to something like; Quit for WoW, Quit for D3. As I'm sure more people are familiar with those 2 than they are LoL.
  3. Well done, it's a great feeling getting that drop isn't it? Even though the item is now so cheap.
  4. Ideas this could be: 1) Adding F2p? (unlikely) 2) Adding every player's stats without the minimum requirements 3) Adding other aspects of the game to the highscores (track other minigames etc) 4) Adding tracking stuff???? (please? I would love an official always updated stat tracking provided by jagex themselves) I can't really think of anything else it could be. 1) I think they'll do this, as a separate highscores. 2) I agree. 3) Yes, such as the Fight Pit wins, Jad wins, etc. 4) I think they'll do a comprehensive stat tracker (not with dynamic images though) probably something like RuneMonkey.
  5. Asgard* I like that post, made me lol.
  6. Hopefully this will help you. Basically yes, it's still written in Java. As far as I'm aware, the HTML5 basically means JAGeX is going to allow RuneScape to be more third-party friendly, by that I don't mean clients and such, I mean extractable data such as; highscores, databases, etc. If I'm wrong, someone please correct me.
  7. Was this recently that you heard it? Because there have been rumours about this kind of things for years now. The only way I see it working would be limiting it to friends/clan chats. Public voice chat would be an absolute mess. I heard it initially years ago (like you said) by Ian that they were working on it, but seeing as years have passed without it, I figured they'd stopped development for it, however, I heard it just the other day (not by any Mods or anything) so it could be complete speculation.
  8. About 8Gb is my thought, given the fact that you'll have all quest areas that are forgotten such as Underground Pass, Elves, etc. Personally, I hope with this update they do what I've always wanted to see; non-pk land above (north of) the Wilderness, what I mean is cities, towns, shops, etc.
  9. I heard they're planning on allowing group-chat via microphones, similar to "private party" in XBL, not sure how it would work though through their game.
  10. You DO know that ever since 2010, the name stood for "Just About the Game EXperience"? Just to let you know, he didn't know.
  11. Basically, it sounds very interesting, I just hope it isn't basically RuneScape 2.75, given that we've already had RS2 and RS2.5 (HD - high detail). What I'm trying to say is, in my opinion, if it's just a graphical overhaul, it doesn't deserve to be named "RuneScape 3", personally though, I think it's going to be what I've just stated, seeing as their Transformers game is HTML5 compliant as well.
  12. Personally, I hope they bring out "bank to bank trading" like they were supposed to for the current RuneScape game (instead, we got "notes"). This way, bank to bank trading could be done, officially I might add through the two games, that would be brilliant, obviously not armour/weapons, maybe just limit it to coins and with a limit per day/week/month so the economy doesn't get frazzled much.
  13. But I thought they removed the rewards for Construction upon release?
  14. Didn't they disable Construction as soon as they launched RS07?
  15. Just created goal signatures for OSRS, aka RS07.
  16. I'm using the "lite" version of the 07 highscores, I don't want to give the URI out though as I think I'm the only one that's found it.
  17. I only just noticed my EoC combat formula was well outdated, I've now fixed that.
  18. I was thinking, would goal-bases signatures (for 07 of course) be worth making too?
  19. Done a bit of modifying, they look quite the part now:
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