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  1. Sorry, my fault, I'd say yes then, it's worth finding him.
  2. If you're a low-level RC (below 66 I'd say) then yes. No if you're 66 (or above) because you can use the top-floor.
  3. Boom! I'm smashing my RuneScape goals today, just got 90 Thieving.
  4. Lol :) Just hit my goal of 60 Runecraft, I actually like the whole Runespan update!
  5. Just hit up a couple of levels of Runecraft thanks to RuneSpan, I figured I'd give it a go.
  6. Is that why I can't switch to DirectX or software mode? I haven't been able to use either of them for months. I've found I can't use DirectX mode on Chrome, but I can on Firefox, however, I also found that on Chrome the OpenGL is smoother, yet another however, in Firefox (and official Client) using DirectX is smoother than OpenGL. Sounds to me like Jagex haven't actually tested this release extensively.
  7. Why lie Mark Gerhard? It hasn't increased over 100% because it wasn't even slightly broke before the "bot nuke", if the team had done their testing properly the update wouldn't have been crap for thousands of users, in fact, you've improved it from your own errors and it's still not as good as it was before, so how has it been increased over 100%? Another thing, why is he even CEO? On the actual subject of SoF, I think it's rediculas, this update should have never been implemented, why not spend the time actually doing something that needs doing? Another thing, I ask again, why is he even CEO? I agree, that annoying little pop-up SoF thing is like the "Paperclip" in Word, you only click on it to get rid of it.
  8. I was hoping also, I'm now getting like 20-ish when I'm standing still... as soon as I move or run into other places it goes straight down to around single-figures again. Edit: I don't know if this is related to this update, but ever since it launched I don't receive any "pings" on the world-select screen now. They're all "N/A".
  9. dragon c'bow! :rolleyes: You could be onto something :)
  10. I've just read this on the RSOF, posted today btw by Mod Hodge.
  11. It'll be Vettel again this season, I just think RedBull are in a league of their own now with development. I also think Ferrari will pull out at the end of the season and run their own Formula series as they simple can't compete at the front any more. As for driver changes, I think Hamilton will head to RedBull after this year and Webber will retire.
  12. I just think from a company that its main income is from the actual game itself, it's shocking that thousands of people are suffering from this problem but no actual attempt to fix this has happened, surely they could go through it bit by bit every update that they do and try to make it even just a few FPS better each time, rather than waiting until this so called "Optimus" update will (hopefully) remove the FPS issue completely.
  13. That's quite interesting, I sure hope it's at the start of May then, rather than the end... the sooner the better.
  14. Your estimate is probably about right, I mean, Jagex's busiest period is the summer holidays and I'm sure they'd want it fixed before those.
  15. Ah, I guess the content team change their ideas very quickly. I was under the impression they wanted basically 1 GE clerk at every bank.
  16. Let's see how close your estimate is, honestly, I hope it's sooner rather than later.
  17. Quoting this now because you always say what the update will be and, as usual, are wrong. How 'bout those mini Grand Exchanges then... I never said that's what it'd be lol, besides, I hardly play any more and have no idea what's going on in the realm of RuneScape any more. It'll just be a It will just be a It will just be a That's exactly what you said, it's there in black and white for all to see. Fair enough, what I typed and what I meant are completely different things, that's my fault, I should have put something like this; It'll probably be or I think it could be. As I said, my fault. Oh, but as for the mini-GE's, they're coming at some point.
  18. I'd rather they did that in all honesty lol. In my opinion, that's basically a pointless answer, it's not anything near transparent, basically they could release Optimus next year, they never even said any time this year, they kept stating it was "close", Jagex did that with RS2 for quite some time...
  19. Have you got a link to this Game Engine Q+A? Edit: I'm guessing this is it, right?
  20. Optimus is the Transformers MMO right? If you're saying it'll be fixed when that's released, surely they know and have already fixed the problem, therefore, why haven't they just implemented it into RS now?
  21. Saw it the other day so I won't spoil it for anyone, however, all I will say are these few words: Go see it, you won't be disappointed. In all, it's the best MARVEL film I've ever seen. A slight spoiler but I won't go into details: someone dies, and the next Avengers (2017) villain is in the credits (about half way through), which is also very shocking and a brilliant step forward.
  22. It has been a while since I updated this but it's now al up to date. I've pretty much got my goal of 90 Thieving, I'm now working on Slayer at a very slow pace, hopefully I can get Level 76 before next Sunday.
  23. I'm assuming the computer you use to play RS is obviously sufficient as you're awaiting GW2, so I'm also assuming its not just low-old-end computers that are troubled. When did the issue start for you?
  24. Quoting this now because you always say what the update will be and, as usual, are wrong. How 'bout those mini Grand Exchanges then... I never said that's what it'd be lol, besides, I hardly play any more and have no idea what's going on in the realm of RuneScape any more.
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