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  1. DIY in f2p is hard enough, let alone without combat, but good luck nonetheless
  2. Good luck with your house, I've always loved construction too, just a pain about the expense of it I also drop in and out of Serpent Eye's fc so if I see you in there I'll be sure to say hi
  3. Last post was August 2nd wow, doubt anyone really cares but I'll fill you all in on my life over the past 6 months anyway... Evidently, I quit 'scape around the same time as my last post, I almost achieved 70 base, with the only skill missing out being summoning stuck on 65, but nonetheless I was pretty proud of the account I'd made for myself (stats are still in sig) With the introduction of eoc, I had no intention of sticking around, especially as I was starting university in September, so it seemed like as good a time as ever to take my leave, sorry I never posted a proper goodbye, not sure how many people thoroughly kept up with my progress but if you did and wondered where I'd gone, well there's your answer. The end of the summer for me wasn't that great, although I managed to get AAC in my A levels and secure my place at the University of East Anglia, which I started attending at the end of September. The first term flew by, I had the time of my life, spent way too much money on shit I shouldn't have and made some great friends. Runescape never even crossed my mind. Academically I wasn't struggling with the work, I was just struggling with deadlines. I was never one who had to put in a lot of work during my formative years, everything just came naturally to me. Obviously at university this isn't the case, and I have to actually work hard to get good grades. Fortunately I only need 40% to pass the first year and then the result becomes insignificant in the grand scheme of my degree. Oh in case you were wondering, I'm studying Film & Television studies, something I'm enjoying a lot. This term started how the first term ended, but I quickly realised that money was going to be a problem so I took it upon myself to get a part time job at my local Mcdonald's, not great pay, but better than nothing. This pretty much covers my life over the past 6 months, just a hell of a lot of drinking, drugs, sex and wild nights out, all that you would come to expect of a university student. Yesterday however, I was made aware of 2007scape, and my interest in the game somewhat sparked back into life. Today I decided to subscribe and see what the fuss was about and I found that I had a desire to play again, which is the main reason I logged on to the forum to post this today. As of today, I have returned to runescape, in its 2007 form. However, unfortunately, I will be playing sparingly and just for fun really, and I won't be blogging on here at the same time, aside from the occasional update I guess. So yeah, if you're a fan of old school runescape then add me (JAMjE), or even if you vaguely knew me before add me as well because Runescape is always better when there are people to talk to, just don't expect me to be online anywhere near as much as I was in the past, socialising always surpasses Runescape in terms of priority. Hope you're all keeping well, and I took a look at a few of the blogs I used to track on here and you all seem to be doing well which is great!
  4. I've been out the past two nights so I haven't had much time to play, when I have found time to get on I've just been doing my farm runs. I completed regicide and the clue to find inside was a 90k reward... disappointing to say the least, but those quests were going to have to be done at one point! I forgot to do the agility games event before I left yesterday so I'll have to wait until today before getting 62 agility, at this rate I'll get 70 agility by the end of the events without even doing any proper training which is brilliant! I'll hit 75 farming today, so FINALLY a picture worthy level and this whole page will get its first screenshot! I've also decided I'm going to get 70+ in all skills, and with only 8 left, 3 of which are combat based so won't be raised until after 1800 total, I feel this is achievable. Agility as earlier said will be gained through the games event in Varrock, and perhaps a tiny bit of training after the games are over. If I get 70+ in all my other skills and agility is left, obviously I'll head to the wilderness course to get some proper training done. Fletching will be done via broad bolts, it's just a pain only being able to buy the supplies 10k at a time, but that won't take long at all. Construction is easy enough, just expensive. Oak larders to 70. Hunter will probably be falconery until 63 then red chins til 70 to make back some of the money construction will lose me. I'm not too sure about thieving yet, I got bored of pyramid plunder pretty quickly, so I'll look at what other options there are. But for now I'll log on, do my farm runs, maybe slay a little, and possibly hit 70 fletching later today depending on how long it takes things to buy!
  5. Despite what I said two posts ago, all I seem to have done these past two days has been social slayer, mixed with a bit of farming and the agility event in Varrock. Despite only gaining half points and less experience per task, it is nice to slay alongside a friend and with him being less in-the-know than myself about a lot of what Runescape has to offer, especially the more recent updates, I feel I'm helping him a lot too. A couple of days ago we decided to get individual slayer tasks and as luck would have it we both got iron dragon tasks. I more or less geared him up in the same way I was, with my new grifolic gear (thanks to a kind donation from Quily!) and my new polypore staff. We were both amazed at the power of the staff and tore through that task with no problems at all. I also received a clue as my first drop, a clue I'm still working on now after having to do watchtower, underground pass and now regicide! After that we social slayed some cave crawlers, we decided to little ones were best and it was a quick but pointless task. After that we grabbed our cannons and destroyed some mighty banshees below Pollnivneach and gained a hefty chunk of fast slayer experience. Again, no real drops or level ups of note. We then did two more tasks that escape my memory (note to self: daily blog entries are your friend). The next day, yesterday, I spent the first few hours doing watchtower and underground pass, and tbh watchtower was more frustrating than underground pass, but maybe I built myself up reading for the frustration more in the latter quest (I only fell off that maze twice). We then went and killed bloodvelds, probably the most dull task in the catalog. Greater demons were next and with melee and about 10 monkfish we powered through those, I'll definitely not be ranging and praying against them in the future because with melee they aren't a completely suckish task once those dogs leave you be. I did a lot of farming yesterday and I feel I'm back in that rhythm which is good, I hit 73 and I should hopefully get 74 today. I also got 43 herbs from a run of 4 patches which is incredible considering I don't use jujus or any bonuses at all! I think one patch gave me 15 herbs! Finally I spent a few hours fishing monkfish at the end of yesterday's session just because I was running low, and I'm closing in on 90 fishing and my first ever 90 skill! Today I'll finish regicide (and this clue), slay and farm and maybe cook some of the monkfish I caught at the end of yesterday's session. Sorry for no pictures in ages! I'll take one today once I've completed regicide and hopefully if the clue reward is good I'll have another one then!
  6. Yesterday was possibly one of the most boring days I've spent on runescape in a long time, but it was worth it. I cleaned herbs from sunrise til sunset, only taking breaks when I had to wait for the buy limit of myself or my friend to run out. I was getting roughly 50k/hour exp at one point which is amazing for free herblore experience! After ~40k grimy kwuarms cleaned, I was a few thousand experience short of 70 herblore so I decided to make a few potions and that's when I started watching a film too.... Yes you guessed it, like so many decent milestones in the past, I stupidly missed the screenshot. I was not happy to say the least. But believe me and my signature that I do now have 70 herblore and I'm also over halfway through 1700-1800 total! I think I'll slay a bit today, I'm considering trying to get my cashpile up to 10M just because I haven't had a cashpile that large in a while, and then it'll probably all get spent on construction...
  7. Fungal magi were my least favourite task but with the polypore staff they're a breeze, a lot quicker, and actually pretty profitable with all the stackable drops. Thanks for the tip on the agility though, I'll make sure I try and remember to do that daily, 20k exp is a lot for not much work! Yesterday an old friend of mine started playing again so I caught up with him, and being at similar combat levels we decided to try out social slayer. I finished my blue dragon task, on the babies, and then we were told by Summona that we had to kill 71 grotworms. A nice task to try this social slayer on I thought to myself and we got our gear and headed off. The task was as profitable as ever, I killed a few more than him, I think I killed 40 of them and made around 300k from the drops. What I was disappointed to note was that you only receive half the slayer points, although for half a task I guess that's to be expected. The major disappointment came when I saw you only get 1 co-op point per task. The first reward was 25 tasks away! We decided to try co-op slayer once more and was given kalphites. I cannoned the soldiers whilst he killed a few guardians for fun, although I did take over 80% of the kills that task. However because he ventured too far from me, the co-op was cancelled, I was awarded 11 points, and he had to finish the task on his own. We did still receive the co-op point which was a bonus. After those two tasks I don't think co-op slayer is for me, it's nice if you have a task you don't enjoy, but if, like with grotworms and kalphites, you don't mind them, you're just minimising your exp and point gain. After that I started cleaning some kwuarms for free, well profitable, and fast herblore exp. It is click-intensive but I cleaned a few thousand herbs before levelling up and making a small profit in the process. I've played a bit today and carried on with this method, and I think, if my wrists let me, I'll go all the way to 70 doing this. With a 10k buy limit on herbs every 4 hours I'll have to wait until later to finish this, but my friend was willing to buy me some too so only one more trip to the grand exchange until 70, which should come later today! 70+ in all skills is looking like a realistic goal now, and after herblore I think I'll seriously train agility to 70, mainly because I was given a blue dragon slayer task again and I want to use the pipe shortcut and effectively kill the adult dragons for some nice drops.
  8. But you had so much cash why did you sell the mask!? They were only going to go up, you should've saved it until you really needed the cash! Or maybe this is just my way of envying that cash pile... Congrats on the fletching level, I still can't fathom getting that skill so high but I'll bite the bullet one day... Have you ever considered fletching broad bolts/arrows? I know that from experience broad bolts are 100k exp/hour and you pretty much break even, if making a slight profit. I heard arrows are even faster but do make a loss. Just an idea if you wanted to spruce up training, and with this new found wealth you might want to become one of those efficiency enthusiasts! Keep it up!
  9. Those are some nice clue rewards, two 500k+ hard clues in the same day is rare these days!
  10. Quite a dull day yesterday and I'm only just about to log on for today's session so I'm sorry this blog is getting a bit bare! I finished up my fungal magi task with relative ease and ended up making around 200k in profits, although take away around 100k for the charges used, it was still a profitable, yet slow task. After that Summona assigned me blue dragons and I think I'll just kill the baby ones because the adult blue dragons are too much effort, especially as I would be banking every 13 or so dragons, and with none close to a bank it would take a stupidly long time, I'm half tempted to just block them altogether for now, at least until I get 70 agility to use the handy pipe shortcut. I might go get that before I start the task over the next few days but I'm worried I might burn out, who knows. But yes unfortunately that was it for yesterday, today I'll either block, cancel or do the task, or train agility some more, I'll let you know which I decide in my next post, until then!
  11. Hey nice blog, not too keen on the font though! Also I'm really lazy and a lot of others are too so it helps if you upload the pictures in a larger size so we don't have to click on each one individually, good luck with your goals!
  12. Thanks Jake, yesterday was dedicated to slayer, didn't get too much done though. I finished my dust devil task and it really was a poor one for drops, only needed to alch 2 items and picked up about 4 herbs and 4 gems but all in all I'm starting to despise dust devil tasks even though I've only had 2 of them! After that I received my first dagganoth task and whilst I was really tempted to try and kill some of the kings, I had no experience doing that so I decided to just cannon them under the lighthouse instead and it ended up being a ridiculously fast task, one of my favourites as well with some decent seed drops meaning the cost of the cannonballs was almost wiped out! I was then given the task of fungal magi and I finally got the chance to try out my new polypore staff and it kicks ass! I stopped after about 30 of them because I was tired after a busy day, I went and saw the dark knight rises and it was amazing, I would definitely recommend it, although I stand by what I said that it is not quite as good as the second of the series. Today will probably just be more slaying, at least until I get a task I cannot be bothered with, and we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. What I forgot to mention was I reached 75 range and 71 slayer during my tasks yesterday but I forgot to paste the print screen of range and didn't bother with slayer. If I get some melee tasks today I'll probably level defence to 78 at some stage, if not I'll continue ranging and cannoning where possible.
  13. Only a minor update based on the small amount of time I spent on the game yesterday. I spent a couple of hours fishing in the fishing guild and finally hit 89 fishing, half of 88 to 89 earned me over 1 million gp but sharks are incredibly slow so I think I'll switch to monkfish in the future. I also learnt that the fishing guild is the worst place to try and have a conversation... I don't like accusing people of being botters but it's hard not to when there are over 50 people there and not one of them says a word to you! After that I started on my dust devil task, ranging about 70 of them before getting bored and then logged off. The plan for today is to finish that task and hopefully get a few good tasks in a row that will make me want to slay, if not I'm not sure what I'll do yet, I think my next 70 will be agility because of the shortcuts and it'll be a nice skill to reach 70.
  14. That's awful man I'm sorry to hear it, I hope you don't let it get you down too much but I also think with the stats you've got on this account you shouldn't just toss it aside. Good luck with whatever you do
  15. Adding onto what was said above, the general skill guides on tip.it's main site are good for beginners. This will be an interesting blog to follow if you keep it updated regularly, it'll be interesting to watch someone like yourself develop (and I mean that not in a sarcastic or patronising way!) Good luck!
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