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  1. I have free time on my hands, and I want to play Runescape during it, but its been boring me lately. I can't remember if my stats are in my Sig, but you can check the hi scores. Things i dont want to do: quests, minigames, dungeoneer
  2. Well i just can't get addicted the way I want to. Can you guys help me out? I know its weird, but I want to know how I can get addicted. Also, not sure if this is the right forum. Thanks.
  3. I used up the rest of my note, what do you guys think of my account so far? :D
  4. Hey guys :) I realized it was the 1st, so I logged in today, and it said I haven't played in 21 days.. I've been neglecting Runescape and my blog. Oops. I wonder how many squeal lamps I missed.... Well anyway, it takes forever to use my promissory note on my low skills -.- I keep having to use freaking 1k lamps. I only did about 100k worth of xp on various things, and got 38 levels. I will try to use the rest of it in the next few days. I got my first skill to 50, which was strength :D anyways, expect another update soon with a picture, and hopefully maybe i can get my total level to 1000 and maybe get like level 40+ in my skills. Post with tips if you'd like!
  5. Hey thanks you guys :) I have been real busy with school, but I have gotten a few levels here and there, and my total level is now 816. I am excited for the 700k xp reward at the end of the month! Hopefully I can find more time to play properly soon. I really like when other people comment on this!
  6. Used up the rest of the note, I decided to go for a combination of skills I dislike (agility,hunter) and slow skills (slayer,summoning). Also put quite a bit in strength so now hopefully I will be able to hit much higher than I could before. I haven't really decided what I want to next. Anyone know of anything that I should do right away??
  7. Well vacation lasted longer than expected, and then school started and shit really just hit the fan. But hey, I am back now :) I got that 350k xp note in my inventory, and as you can see, got all of my skills to level 30. I still have 170k of it leftover, and I don't really know what to do with it. Suggestions??
  8. Sorry for no updates, ive been on vacation lately. I don't get home for a few days, so it'll be awhile until there's an update.
  9. I know Norway is 1 in winter sport overall medals with usa 2. The u.s. winning Vancouver was the first time they'd won winter in a coon's age.
  10. I was told not to actually dungeoneer till I was like level 60 or some shit.
  11. You doubt ANYONE hates the sports i posted? Do you realize how many anyones there are in the world?
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