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  1. You're doing good, only thing i'd suggest is maybe cropping down the screen shots? :)
  2. Thank you sir, good to know someone actually reads my blog :thumbup: Oh and nobody attacked me, just them two skeletons :P Some levels..
  3. Quite a few levels, decided not to take a screenshot of every level 50-60 Herblore so I just took one of 60 :) Brace yourselves.. As you can see in the last screenshot, I finally achieved 1200 Total :thumbsup:
  4. Best 2.5m I have ever spent :thumbup: Missed 64/66 Smithing screenies because of afking haha :)
  5. Got quite a bit of levels yesterday :) (Can't seem to find 58 smith pic) 2 more levels off my 60+ list :thumbup:
  6. I don't suppose you guys take skillers? Worth a try :P
  7. Just a quick update because I feel bad for only uploading one level today.
  8. In other news, 18,6m dung and 58 mining. :) Now to finish off 1.2k total :thumbup:
  9. ^ Thanks :P Some levels :thumbup: 1 to go :) 51 to go for 1.2k total :)
  10. Did some questing yesterday, got a couple of levels, and ardy cape 1 :thumbsup: Not much cooking trained though! Also finished the chef's (first) part of Recipe for Disaster :)
  11. More pics :( I'd rather see a pic than see you say "Got 57 Smithing (via Superheat) which also encluded 81 Magic." Just sayin :)
  12. ^ No idea, I kept taking breaks and somewhere between 64-65 I went out >.> Anyway, some levels :thumbup: 2 levels to 99 cooking, not stopping training other skills though, really want 1.2k total ASAP!
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