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  1. Thanks. :D Thanks. :) Originially I had planned for going towards 99 Herblore, however I am to poor at the moment to get even close to that; so unless ~50M in donations happen to appear out of no where, I honestly don't know what I am going to do yet. We'll see.
  2. You missed it, narb. <3: Well, as you may have anticipated: 99 FIREMAKING!!! AND 99 RUNECRAFTING!!! Numerous thanks to everyone who's given me donations over the past 4 weeks and all those in HYT and Dynamo Seeds as they're the ones who have put up with me complaining and such. Special thanks to Eddy, and Draggle and others <3: Anyways, so I had one lamp left over and so got this as well. Also, funny miscalculation on my part: Well that's enough excitement for one night, now time to make my cash-pile back. Cheers!
  3. LESS THAN 40K LEFT!! I think the party will go on tonight, may just do it with whoever is in HYT and have fun or whatever. Get on W99 if you want to join in; add me and let me know!
  4. Just saw this; not sure if troll or what. Haha.
  5. Lol'd so hard. Guess what. Suspender; hi. I used to be a cool guy, then i took a shovel to the face - Nine Shut up, you [wagon].
  6. Lol'd so hard. Guess what. Suspender; hi.
  7. It'd probably taste alot better fried and covered in maple syrup. Wore suspenders this morning and a friend of mine took a picture of me, since I have no update picture yet I offer this as a sacrifice:
  8. 493k EXP from 98, will finish it off tomorrow. Got this randomly from a lamp; was cool. I guess.
  9. NOVA = northern virginia? Thats were i live Dear god i hate this place Lolwutsprogress
  10. As per ususal going to be Runecrafting today. Honestly, I am almost burnt out, so glad I am so close to being done, otherwise I probably wouldn't finish it. I am going to try to get 500-600k EXP done today and then the remainder of 98 tomorrow. We'll see. I will also pass the 50M total EXP sometime tomorrow (after ~820k EXP is gained). Might post a picture of it if I don't forget. Cheers everyone.
  11. Ohai look waht I got. Gonna do my Agility daily hopefully for some good EXPs.
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