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  1. I started an Ironman back in August at Jason's advice and really where else could it have ended up but here and then just stats Gosh, dg sure is a fantastic skill
  2. Still doing this ironman thing I'll be rank one in no time, though tbh once school starts next week idk how much I'll do
  3. Everything on the first page of this is dead. I'm too lazy to update it right now because I'll probably get too lazy to update in the future but Jason got me to do an Ironman because I was really bored, so here's week 1: Also because I still have been 'active' on Kandy, here's what the loot tab looks like. The clue loot is no where like Sally's, but oh well, good time to post since it wont be changing for a while now. Fun fact: I have every elite item besides a Guthix Bow and the super-ultra rare items (dragon masks, dye, 3rd age)
  4. I just peed myself a little That was my 290th hard clue since the counter upate. At almost 400 elites with no 3a yet, alas My clue tab is far less impressive than Sally's (about 160 items), but it'll look a bit nicer now.
  5. Alright buddy, I hate to break it to you, but you're an adult. This isn't how adults are supposed to act. I get you're a kid at heart enjoying pokemon and mmos, but there's a difference between that and not knowing when to move on. It wasn't working. You guys couldn't go two days without being at each other's throats for the last three months you were talking, probably. It was nothing bad jabs at each other that were rarely in the same playful vein that's usually used. You say passive, playful taunts, but in the end there was nothing but venom behind every single one. It was as passive aggressive as... these constant posts here and elsewhere. You're a fine enough guy but I'm sick and tired of seeing the same whining of this still months later. If you were younger, I would understand, but you're an adult and yet you sound like you're a 13 year old who broke up with their first girlfriend or boyfriend with all the dramatic and flair. I am not commenting on the dynamics of anyone else involved because pure and simple you two are done being friendly and you need to stop treating it like a wound still bleeding four months later. When it scabs over, stop picking out it, or you'll end up with a scar when it could have healed healthily when left alone. If you had cared, if it had really mattered, you would have done something when it mattered rather than (what is this, the fourth of fifth time?) vague-posting your teenage angst and looking for redemption not from yourself, but from others. So that the next time, if we get another next time, you wont have learned anything and we'll get the same problems and you'll end up on the curb again vague-posting and reposting stupid facebook memes about how your tortured soul gave all to the world and received nothing in return. There is only one single thing in this world that you control, and it's your actions. Think about how next time you should try changing them, instead of others. I'm not looking for a dialogue here or a reply. I'm telling you to move on so that next time you get a similar friendship you will have actually learned something to help it grow, not fester and become foul with toxicity. And if I hear "in my defense" one more time I'm going to punch a wall. A relationship, no matter what kind, should never be the kind of strife you two had 24/7. I am speaking from personal experience here.
  6. I've gotten a few neat things lately like a steel drag mask from an elite, but this was suprising enough to warrant a post I think At first I was like 'oh great, a d med' until I looked closer
  7. Had five big presents, 2 crackers. Did not expect this Good day, over all. Especially since I finally killed araxxor for a second time yesterday to do the special Challenge. Gonna get comp back soon woo
  8. Poison made the reward screen go away, but I swear this was all just from one clue: That would be the Armadyl Kiteshield, Bandos Coif, Dragon Platebody Ornament Kite (Sp), and Dragon Plateleg/skirt Ornamental Kit (Sp) (Plus bstaves and rune plate). Now if I only could have used that luck for dye or something.
  9. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY again!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  10. Been a while since I've posted, but since I'm somewhat active again I thought this warranted me posting. After being more than a dozen trips to various god wars bosses (literally 12+, no exagerration) with nothing more than boots/gloves/wards, I chance upon this luck for my day's slaying/bossing. The gloves from automatons were great. I was fighting the tracers because that's what I normally do, got a pair of gloves, the first I've ever gotten there from all my tasks, then people were saying "why don't you kill generators, their gloves are worth more" so I switch over and BOOM, got the other pair. Razorbacks I got minutes after commenting that I've only ever gotten one pair in all my tasks. Sara hilt was a walk in. Bandos hilts were within 10 kills of each other. Both trips to each of those bosses was one instance long (200 kc for sara, 284 for bandos). Onyx was from one of the little noobs in fight cauldron, didn't even think that was possible. Overall, this makes my loot tab look great, though I wont be selling it until 120 attack (88m xp currently). Hoping I can afford to buy main hand and off hand ascensions from the tab when I sell it. Side note, just short of 40m slayer! Will probably post my tab when I hit 120 attack.
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