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  1. Thanks for stopping by, Turnpike! Yes, I'm still slacking. All that I've done since last post is: - complete a Daily Challenge, cooking 223 cavefish. I received an 85K experience reward and 29 runite ore. I noticed that it has become significantly more expensive to cook now, assuming that one is buying the supplies. Things like shark and lobster used to be break-even, but not any longer. - max in the Clan Citadel. I focused on mining, and reached level 78. I charged the clan ring at the firemaking plot, which gave me a 60K experience bonus. - burn some maple logs at a bonfire in the GE, and spend the rest of the bonus burning curly roots at the Jadinko lair. Boring, I know, but things have been very busy. Total levels = 1,928
  2. About the only thing I've done in the game over the past two weeks is train in the clan citadel. I also lost my notes so I'm not really sure what all I did, but I did manage to level smithing twice (72, 73). I charged my clan ring at the BBQ and earned some cooking experience, and I currently have a Daily Challenge to cook 223 cave fish. Unfortunately, they aren't buying quickly at +10% over GE price so I may not get them. I'm not really into paying a bunch extra for some cooking experience. Short update, but things have been extremely busy in real-life, and it doesn't look to be lightening up any time soon. Oh, I just remembered one extra thing I put in my notes: I got a rare item on the SoF about ten days ago. Next time you see my pic in a non-combat pose, you'll see the item on my head. Total levels = 1,927
  3. Cerri - thanks for reminding me about the changes to poisoning with EoC. That makes sense. Thanks for the comments, Low_Levelled and AFO Zodiac (nice name change, by the way). I took care of two Daily Challenges yesterday. One was the standard dungeoneering challenge, which is my favorite because of the amount of experience granted. I completed floor 14, earning 5K experience for the floor and 54K bonus experience, which resulted in reaching a new level (73). While in Daemonheim, I checked my token total and found I had enough to purchase a bonecrusher. This was an exciting moment for me, and I gazed dreamily at my inventory for a solid two or three seconds before snapping back to reality. The second challenge I completed was to mine seven adamantite ore. I shambled down to the Lumbridge Swamps and mined the two spots there, hopping worlds a few times until gathering enough. That resulted in 17K bonus mining experience, which seems to me to be a decent amount for such a small task. After that challenge, one would think I would be rushing off to kill some big-boned creatures, to see the bonecrusher in action. One would be thinking incorrectly. Instead, I spent the next three hours in Runespan, siphoning from various nodes and creatures. Not a single bone was crushed, but I did level runecrafting (82). Total levels = 1,925
  4. I just finished reading this thread. I like your writing style and the way you keep your readers engaged. Nice work getting 25M slayer.
  5. After months of thinking "I need to check that place out", I finally took a carpet ride to Sophanem to speak with the Guardian mummy about plundering the pyramid of Jalsavrah. And it was fun. I don't think I'll be back in the Thieves' Guild any time soon, unless it is part of a quest. Pyramid Plunder is an enjoyable activity and the thieving experience was very nice for the hour I spent there. I summoned a bunyip, which eliminated the need for food, and even though I brought a super anti-poison potion based on a friend's advice, I never was poisoned so I'm not sure why that was necessary. It looks as though the drops are pretty much worthless unless I manage to get a sceptre, but those seem to be quite rare. I looted the chest in each room until getting to the fourth room (level 51 requirement), where I looted each urn and the chest before progressing to the fifth room. I leveled thieving (71) during the hour, and then switched up to looting just rooms five and six. I will be back often. Total levels = 1,923
  6. Three more levels knocked off. Jack of Trades and the clan fealty cape got me enough farming experience to reach level 69. I capped in the citadel on firemaking, smithing and crafting, and leveled crafting (92): [spoiler=This Level Was Looming for A While] Charging my ring at the firemaking plot (and getting 60K bonus experience), I switched it up a bit and burned maple logs at a Grand Exchange bonfire, leveling firemaking (95). This was the first time I leveled firemaking somewhere other than in the Jadinko Lair since level 88: [spoiler=Forgetting My Roots] So I'm down under 80 levels to go. I wish that Jagex would estimate a release date for the next new skill, so that I could figure out if I can reach the end of The Second Thousand before the skill comes out. Total levels = 1,922
  7. This will be a more lengthy post, as I had an interesting week with some new (for me) activities. Let's get to it: One week ago, I logged in just nine minutes before the system update that was going to remove the Guthixian butterflies. The challenge was on to see if I could catch 20 before being forced to log off. I jumped around Al Kharid, Catherby and Draynor and captured the 20th (and possibly the last one ever caught by anyone) with less than 20 seconds left before the update. This flurry of activity got me to level 68 in hunter, slayer and prayer. I trained in the clan citadel, as usual on a Tuesday. This time my focus was on smithing, as someone had graciously burned plenty of wood to make piles of charcoal. Using a pendant of smithing, I leveled to 71. I spent a bit of time firemaking and crafting as well. I charged the ring at the furnace, using the 60K bonus experience burning maple logs at the Grand Exchange. The next day, I spent my time fly fishing at Seers' Village, leveling fishing to 74. On the advice of a clan mate, I tried my hand at two diversions for the first time: Troll Invasion and God Statues. God Statues was simple and an interesting little puzzle, and I earned 38K construction experience and 19K prayer experience building statues to the various gods in four different cities. This will definitely be on my monthly 'to-do' list, as long as I remember! Troll Invasion took longer, but it was very easy making it through 20 waves, and I earned almost 37K farming experience. Because it was the first time I ever attempted this, I wound up completing some tutorial in Burthorpe, which was teaching me how to complete several skills and prepare for the invasion. Here are a couple of pictures, since I haven't posted any in the past few posts: [spoiler=Troll Invasion, Awaiting Orders] [spoiler=Feeling Statuesque] Other things I completed during the past week: - built and rebuilt oak larders, earning level 69 construction - filled my bucket with the tears of Guthix (sad, sad God), gaining some slayer experience - completed a Daily Challenge to cook 249 rocktails. With the cooking gauntlets, I didn't burn any, and I earned 85K bonus experience to go with the 50K+ earned from cooking them. This was the first time I've cooked since reaching level 95 awhile back. The goodie bag contained 30 frost dragon bones, which I decided to keep for future prayer training. Total levels = 1,919
  8. Not too much going on lately, although I did level a few times. I completed two dungeoneering Daily Challenges, completing floors 12 and 13, earning more than 107K bonus experience and reaching level 72. I also caught a lot of butterflies (I am running out of pins), which gave me experience in slayer, hunter, prayer and summoning. A Jack of Trades trip got me enough summoning experience to level (68). I received a combat Daily Challenge (kill 39 high-level monsters), and geared up for a return trip to the Brimhaven Dungeon. I spent awhile there, killing fire giants. I received 56 gold charms, 14 others, about 60K worth of loot, and 12,300 bonus strength experience which leveled up that skill (74). On this, the last day of March, I passed 70 million total experience. Total levels = 1,913
  9. No levels since my last post - I spent just a few hours playing over the last couple of days. I capped in the clan citadel, splitting my time between crafting and mining. Once again, I charged the clan ring at the furnace, giving me 60K bonus firemaking experience which I received at the Jadinko Lair. I also caught two days' worth of butterflies, which gave me experience in slayer, hunter and prayer. Finally, I had an agility Daily Challenge which required me to complete 25 laps at the Wilderness Course. Using my Greater Surefooted aura along with a pendant from the SoF, I spent an hour on the course and earned about 71K experience, including the Challenge bonus of around 15K. It would be sweet if I could earn that much each hour at that course. Total levels = 1,910
  10. A very quick update here, since I barely played the last two days. I caught 60 butterflies since the last post, getting experience in slayer and leveling hunter (67). I also received two consecutive medium lamps in slayer (seems like long odds against that occurring) which pushed me up a level (67). I also spent a bit of time fishing north of Seers' Village. Ninety levels to go. Total levels = 1,910
  11. Welcome to a fellow Floridian. I'll be interested in following your progress. My oldest son is also a sophomore in high school - he's currently taking an extended break from Runescape because he's trying to focus on his classes and his (first) girlfriend. I'm sure it's in that order.
  12. First off, huge congratulations to Suomi for reaching five billion experience. It was nice to see one of the hall of fame players taking advantage of the holiday butterfly event. Speaking of the butterfly event, I've been thoroughly enjoying the free experience in my lowest skills (slayer and hunter). I've been continuing to catch my allotment and have leveled both to 66. I completed another Daily Challenge, once again in herblore. This time I needed to concoct 10 antipoison+ potions. I spent about 104K on supplies (toadflax, yew root and coconut milk - yum?) and received 25,725 bonus experience along with 54 magic logs worth about 80K. So I lost some money, but that was a nice chunk of herblore experience for me. After the unchallenging Challenge, I went back to the Brimhaven Dungeon and beat up on fire giants for a while, leveling attack to 75: [spoiler=Not-Jack the Giant Slayer] Over the course of two sessions (a few hours in total) against these tall beasties, I gathered 181 charms (141 of them gold) and around 120K in loot. Won't make me rich, but it's a nice little extra considering I'm really there for the melee experience. If I want drop loot, I'll go back to grotworms. All that killing made me tired. It was time for some relaxing alching. 1,500 yew shieldbows, to be precise. I lost seven gold per bow, which is nothing to a millionaire such as myself. I leveled magic (77), which also resulted in a total combat level increase to 152. Then, because I wanted to do something even more dull, I went to my house and rebuilt an oak larder many, many times until it looked almost perfect and I leveled construction (68). I spent this morning in the clan citadel. I used my fealty cape bonus on farming, reaching level 68. I then spent time training and leveling mining (77) along with a bit of crafting on the loom. I charged my clan ring at the furnace (no surprise there) and used up the 60K bonus experience burning roots at the Jadinko Lair. As for my stance on in-game gambling: I'm pleased to see the steps that Jagex has taken to curtail these player-run games. They are nothing more than a tax on the stupid and too often are used to scam naive players. Caveat Player, the saying almost goes, but gambling really doesn't fit into the theme of the game itself, similar to a wheel that players could spin in the hopes of getting some great prize (e.g. 200 million coins) but mostly getting a small bag of cash or some logs. Total levels = 1,908
  13. Came here from your How To Become Known thread. It worked. I'll be following your progress, as you aren't too far ahead of me in total levels. One small suggestion: consider putting your photos behind hide tags, so that it doesn't take as long to load a page.
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