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  1. I'm going to be following this thread, I am most likely going P2P again soon... as all my friends want me to. I will train my new account and hopefully do some bossing with you in the future!
  2. So I got bored, and made this.
  3. That's great for him! I hope he strives for his goals, maintains his grades, and his girlfriend! The first is always usually the "true love" when it's in high school! :P
  4. Haha, I usually keep the updates under Adventurer's Log, but if you want me to post pictures also I will do so! Thanks for staying tuned to my blog, means a lot.
  5. Ah for a skiller I would cut Yews, fish Lobsters, or flip. A lot of things are sky-rocketing in price because a lot of bots are being banned.
  6. I wish F2P would get one boss, not Elvarg that you fight one time. I want a boss that could be fun for a group of 4 people to fight. I would LOVE Slayer in F2P, but that will likely never happen. That's all I could think of.
  7. Thank you for the inspiration, I am glad to be apart of the community, and I really hope I will stick to my main goal of "beating" F2P.
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