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  1. Dang, Glacy. You're levelling incredibly fast. :blink: Congrats. :D
  2. Crafting will most likely be my first 70. Either that or Mining. Should have my tier 4 duellist's cap tomorrow, too. :D
  3. Did a bit of everything today. Look at that pretty bank. :shades: I plan on getting 1,000 ores, bars, logs, fish, and urns, 25,000 runes (only the ones that I can craft), essence and 100,000 GOP tokens (no, I do not use the essence GOP gives at the end of each altar). This is going to take quite awhile. :P Should be fun, though. :D Thanks, Gregor. :) Thanks, Kaida. :D Thanks, Star. :3 You need to get online and come to the Crafting Guild!
  4. Made me laugh quite a few times, Star. xD You're doing really well. :o Mind if I come join you when you're making urns? :) That was what I had planned for Crafting a few months back. I only made about ~200 of each, though, as I had reached my goal of 60. :P
  5. I'll do my best to attend, Kaida! :D Congratulations in advance if I can't make it. :thumbsup:
  6. Woo. :lol: Now to work on 70's (excluding Prayer). Up to 20k GOP tokens as well. ^^ Hey, Star! :D Mining's okay. A lot of miners nowadays. :( And pff. My stats got pro? You should not be talking. :P Haha. Thanks. :)
  7. Working on obtaining 8,000 steel bar supplies for 70 Smithing so I can complete my last task, which will also give me about 75 Mining. :) I think I'll go back to 800x600. Max screen size set to "Any" is not my style anymore. I mainly GOP'ed all day today. GOP is the best minigame. EVER. I think I've got about 10k tokens now.
  8. [spoiler=Level-ups] 1 more task left (mithril platebody task) to complete! :D Bank: I really like this layout. Ring of kinship, duellist's cap, gem bag, and the herald cape are placeholders for runite ores, adamant bars, runite bars, and diamonds respectively. Once I get each of those, I'll fix the bottom up a bit. I think I'll just focus on getting the last upgrade for my ring and then continue with 60 Prayer. Also, I don't plan on playing Runespan anymore. It's way too easy to level Runecrafting now, so I'll stick with the old fashioned way when training. :P That goes for any skill, too. Old fashioned for everything! Thanks. :D 1 left now. :shades:
  9. [spoiler=Level-ups] Just 2 more tasks left to complete until I can upgrade my explorer's ring. :D
  10. Runespan's a lot of fun, but I'm afraid that I may get bored if I continue, so back to Hill Giants for me. :) Jagex nerfed the node spawns earlier today, so that's good. It was crazy before. :P
  11. I didn't have enough water runes, so 60 Magic and 60 Runecrafting are on hold for now. Working on 60 Prayer. :) Long time no see, Kaida. :P Thanks, and yeah, I hope Runespan's fun. If not, I can always make runes. :D
  12. I was busy all day yesterday. Looking forward to Runespan, so I'm going to put Runecrafting aside for now and work on 60 Magic. Hopefully I have enough runes. :P
  13. [spoiler=Level-ups] Working on 60 Runecrafting now. ^^ Thanks. :) I don't really have a concrete objective of what I'll be doing for each skill. I just do whatever I feel like doing. :P
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