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  1. Happy birthday. :D

  2. Guess who's got 84 smithing nub! :D [hide]me! :D[/hide] good luck on the race. If U don't get 85 before sunday/monday I'll win :thumbsup:
  3. Sir yes sir!! I've done my best, I even pushed it a little to far :D -- So Hi guys!! I trained like super super superhard some clan mate made me believe levine had 82-83 already when I was only 80. So I pushed it very very far! turned out he only had 81 :P I just reached lvl 84 now! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: The thing is I'm leaving for the weekend within an hour. I'm not coming back until sundaynight, might even be monday. <_< So, let's just hope Levine isn't to quick :shades: here are all my lvls. Also I reached 1200 total!! :D :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Sorry for being so short. But I got to run! :ohnoes: See you guys next week :mellow:
  4. Indeed med! :D prayer lvl's are always nice! 1 more and I have all stats 60+ :thumbsup: --- Soo, first update on my race! :D got a magic lvl and a smithing so far! I'm closing in for another magic lvl again.. SO wooooooooh yeah! This race got me sooooooooooo pumped up. I'm aiming to get 82 tonight.. Hopefully i'll get it or I'll lose anyhow. I'm leaving thursdaynight for a long weekend with my boyfriend and his family :rolleyes: won't be on untill sunday at last. after that, I've got summerbreak. I won't be playing that much during summer as I've got alot planned. But We'll see how that turns out. Now I have to get 85 SMithing!!!! :shades: :shades: Will be posting alot more lvl's later :shades: Ciao
  5. Thank you very much! It works best for me.. I won't be able to cut myself 5k willows at once. But doing 1k of each keeps me motivated :) ooh my, I got myself a new hardcore fan! :D I hope I won't disappoint you in my awesomeness ^^ Did u find anything interesting going through 76 pages? :D Merci Beaucoup Monsieur :twisted: I'm on my way sir! :D Thanks Kaida ;D I'm following your lead and went on super heating myself! :D --- So, as we speak I'm finishing off my fishing goal :D I only got 50 swordies left to fish ^^ And here are the lvl's up I got! :D Look at this awesome picture with me and all my fishes.. I managed to get 825,650 xp from scratch :D and I used 274 fishing urns. Not sure what to with all these fishes though :D I think I'll cook and sell them all But I don't want 99 cooking any time soon :ohnoes: In the meantime I managed to do a hell lot of merching/ flipping and I found myself to have a huge pile of money. Yay for me! I'm not far from 30 mill total xp and 1200 total lvl! :thumbsup: so yay! As for now, my new goal is getting 85 smithing! I'll be doing this by superheating mithril bars :) I'm racing to levine to see who can reach 85 first :D that's about it I guess? Any questions go ahead! For those willing to know. I'm still going strong on the 20 pull ups thingie :D closing in to the end so yay :mrgreen: and well what do you know, As I'm harpooning some swordies random pops out and gives me this :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  6. U got very nice stats and xp :rolleyes: Nice total xp you're going for to. I hope u get 200m summoning and get that first page :thumbsup:
  7. Hi, How come no-one posted here yet? damn such nice achievements u already got so far :thumbsup: I can't be giving you any tips about skilling and stuff cause I'm not a member. But I can wish you good luck on getting 80+ all stats. U aren't to far from it.. :mrgreen: Keep it up
  8. Wow, U weren't lying when U sad you had alot of lvl's :D hat many pictures :thumbsup: I love you blog. keep up the DIY'ing :shades:
  9. Very nice getting 75+ al skills! :thumbsup: now go for 80 all skils, then 85 , 90 and 99?? :rolleyes:
  10. Nice Med, Very nice :thumbsup: I like your drawings :rolleyes:
  11. No post :( Makes me sad.. But no problem! I strongly believe my new goal was a bit to easy :thumbsup: I already got 1k of ea log. :) Was rather easy actually. I figured it would be more of a deal. maples and normal logs were a pain the rest went smooth! I milked out 2 wc-ing lvl's! If I ever do this again I'll be getting 5k of ea log to make it little more exciting :mrgreen: After that I was at boneyard burying some bones but I got dragged into some dging :) It was the first time ever I did team dungeon. Was rather fun. Superfast clearing out dungeons. and getting xp. it was crazy :thumbsup: I got a new lvl ^^ Rather close to 65 to now. so that's great I started fishing! First i'll be getting 1k crayfish, pike and lobsters since they are the ones I'm sure off getting the exact amount. After that I'll be getting the rest done. We'll see. I calculated that 1k of ea fish should give me 772k xp at least :thumbsup: This will be way more since I'm probably getting alot more tuna then swordies etc etc.. :shades: Watch this blog to see some fishing lvl's soon Hasta la pasta boys ^^
  12. Hi Kaida! :D and yeah, managed to play my sisters laptop during the day and I have got alot of free time laterly as school's coming to an end :rolleyes: Hi Water! Thanks for loving my blog I feel sexy now :shades: And mining to don't get boring? switch to things. not only iron ore or whatever it is. Mine 1k of ea type :D it's fun.. and certainly don't forget urns! :thumbsup: Woodcutting. :lol: Seriously though, just pace yourself. Don't do too much all at once. Mining is a pretty dull skill in F2P so break it up with other stuff. With only an hour a day, you'll gain over 1M xp in a month and could have 99 less than a year. And that's without urns or focusing on getting max xp/hr. Well yeah water, Kaida's the expert so :thumbsup: --- Hi everyone. Been getting a lot of lvl's lately. mainly because I can seem to find a lot of free time :rolleyes: Since last post I continued a bit of with combat. and got attack and def to 65 so that look better now :wink: I've been doing a lot of alching lately! but really a lot :D I have been forming a little team with some clanmates. one is superheating Runite bars, others makes them into 2h's and I alch! :D try to keep them up.. Great fun <3: So I've gotten some new magic lvl's as well! as alot of money to!! :grin: I believe I also got a new dungeoneering lvl. I've been doing some floors occasionally, wich is nice I can now acces floor 32 so that's not bad now is it :D [hide=lvl's] [/hide] So, as promised my new goal (s). Anyone who took a close look to my third tab of bank saw that I have1 of ea log and 1 of ea fish. :roll: Now I'll be trying to get 1k of ea log and 1k of ea fish! :grin: I'll be using alot my urns to get there and will end up with some nice 84 lvl stats :D for fishing it's kind of a surprise wich lvl i'll get and how many fish I'll have. I'm tying to get at least 1k of ea. so for example I'll be getting 1k swordies and probably 1k+ tuna's. as It depends on ratio. :cool: To do this I got myself some swordie gloves!! woohooow I actually got them (man I dislike fog alot :wall: ) A side plan to this is that. After I reach 1k of a certain type. I'll be going into the wildy and get (at least) 10k pray xp at boneyard :D so I'll be getting some prayer lvl's to finally. all stats 60+ would be rather awesome now wouldn't it ^^ as I'm speaking I'm cutting yews at varrock museum while alching when it's spawning :wink: I actually already got about 500 yews down! :roll: Wooohooow! You'll be seeing a new wcing lvl rather soon. So that's about it. i'll try and update my first page a bit :) And well! Ciao <3:
  13. Good luck on 80 Ranged! I don't stand ranged :thumbsup: Keep it up :rolleyes:
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