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  1. 80M RC: 24M to go. Also got 140M Herb yesterday. After 5.4B Yep, that's the cape I'm looking forward to the most.
  2. Worst 200M-pic ever: Next 200M will probably be Herb. Only 60M more to go until 200M and I'm not that rich so I'm mostly doing prayer renewals. I won't get it anytime soon because most of my time is spent at runespan. 26M to go for 120 RC-cape. Speaking of 120s capes - I'm pretty excited about them. I currently "have" 12. (21:38:07) -[RO]RuneScript- *** [ DRUVOVIC ]: [exp] Pray 28,239,466 | WC 65,314,998 | Fletch 52,153,380 | Fish 29,720,285 | Craft 14,378,707 | Smith 33,839,690 | Mine 80,724,286 | Agil 29,403,457 | Thief 86,817,553 | Farm 52,295,628 | RC 78,601,058 | Hunt 19,960,172 | Con 17,923,078 | Div 13,456,078 Mining, Thieving and RC are all pretty close and I should have them all within a couple of months. The rest will take some time.
  3. -[NP]RuneScript- *** [ OVERALL ]: [Druvovic] Rank: 38 | Level: 2,595 [3,009] (Avg Lvl: 99.81) | Exp: 2,738,033,372 (P2P: 723,639,560 xp | F2P: 2,014,393,812 xp) | Combat: 200 (F2P: 200) [attack] | Combat Pct: 50.86% (1,392,549,666 xp) Yay. Now time for 200M cook and FM prob and then idk. I'm pretty tempted to go for 100M all but that'd require an agility rework. -[NP]RuneScript- *** [ DRUVOVIC ]: [exp] Pray 28,188,977 | WC 64,451,937 | Fletch 41,672,170 | Fish 29,494,461 | Craft 14,353,626 | Smith 31,005,567 | Mine 69,056,748 | Herb 84,824,851 | Agil 25,673,327 | Thief 86,752,203 | Farm 46,953,604 | RC 61,840,083 | Hunt 19,847,603 | Con 17,915,802 | Div 13,036,923 Pray/Fletch/Craft/Herb and Con are all buyables and shouldn't be too hard.WC and Fish could be done with c2 or dailies/crystal trees + new elf city ivy-wannabe.Mine and smith is from WBs. Will take around 300 days in totalFarm is a daily and it will take around a year to get to 100M.Thieve will take like 5 days.38M RC XP should only take a month and a half-The only problems (except agility) are Hunt and Div but Hunt is fast and I just need to learn how to get full witchdoctor and stuff. Div isn't that bad actually but it would be the most time-consuming skill alongside agility. Oh well. We will see.
  4. That'd be nice and yeh it's probably my goal as well. Thanks. Yeh what Mish said. It's not like I'm going to get 5.2B (5.4) XP within 2 years anyway so it's alright. Err I haven't trained Div since like third day from release and I'm planning to get 99 from ToG/Troll Invasion/World events and stuff. I really don't like the skill but that could be because I nolifed badly the first 2 days. It's very possible that I decide to just get 99 some day soon because it's pretty boring being ranked 9k+.
  5. Soooo. Let's say it's february already. 11 months and 334 days. Here's a plan for those days. Plans for 2014 Definite goals: 197-200M FM (1 day) 150-200M Cook (18 days) 87-200M Thieve (40 days) 85-200M Herb (20 days) 41-200M Fletch (26 days) 18-150M Con (25 days) 164-200M Str (9 days) so that's 608M in 139 days. 195 to go. Free* XP 116M Mine/Smith (320 days of WB) 48M+ Farm (1 tree run/day) 37M DG (only that left for 200M) ~8M WC (Yew Parties) ~4M Random (ToG/Troll inv./God statues) Random WE-xp So 213M more. *Inb4 whine about how it's not actually free So 821M if counting the 139 days + dailies all year. Then it depends on how much merching goes, if it goes well I'll try another buyable. So let's say I get to 100M pray XP and split the rest of the days between runespan and c2. 28-100M pray (9 days) 75M RC XP (93 days) 75M Fish XP (93 days together with WC) 93M WC XP (92 days together with Fish) That'd mean 1,134M XP which works out nicely to around 3.4M/day. Obviously I could get more or less XP and in other skills but I like making plans so I'll post this anyway. GL me.
  6. Oh yea warbands right after release were pretty scary. Mystery solved.
  7. I didn't mean it in that way. I really like C2ing for example but I still would have prefered if warbands didn't exist. And variation is always nice. And yes traders are nice but currently I prefer runespan for studying because of all the darn pets. I want one of you soon so I can get uber-xp. Thanks :) Yep but I'll probably save Strength for as long as possible in case there's a melee update. Yes and no, I have effigies from 139,5 to 186,250 logged but then Divination came and spammed my A-log which I realized too late. In 46,75M Ranged xp I got 56 effigies but unfortunately I don't know from which creatures so idk how much it helps. :P
  8. Wait what. How are you like 20M mining xp ahead of me when I've missed like 25 warbands ever? Pls explain.
  9. Last week I got 200M Ranged: Since then I've been doing a mix of C2ing, bonfiring, runespanning and traders. I don't really like the way RS is going with dailies and stuff. It feels like I'm running out of skills to train. Farming is done once a day. Mining and Smithing will be finished with warbands. Dg with daily challenges. Hunter with Divination. And I don't have the money needed for the buyables yet. That leaves Strength/RC/Agil/Divination/FM/Fish and WC. I won't train Agil or Div (without pendants) until it gets faster so that leaves 5 skills to choose from. My next 200M will probably be Thiev or FM - unless I there's a BXP or something.
  10. 50 Div. Cbf to pic it so here's a cool pic instead: Only like 15 atm though.. :P
  11. Lalala another slow rs-week. Gained about 10M ranged xp which is doable in 1 and a half days with no-life-mode turned on. Oh well, when school starts again I'll have more play-time (weirly enough..). Latest milestone is 170M ranged: 200M before end of august hopefully (most likely). Yes that's prob right. He's always so [bleep] mad.
  12. 160M Ranged: And here's my loot from ~28M str xp at fight cauldron: Not much but it pays for some rocktails/prayer flasks.
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