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  1. @Yew, Probably not :D I'm too lazy to have one for 200m xp anyways :3
  2. I live in California lol, I hate this dam weather, it' already 100 degrees + Are you visiting Hollywood/Los Angeles? Have fun in Cali, I hate this place >.<.
  3. Nice video dan, and can't wait for April BTS :)
  4. Are you guys going to add like a place where people can post stuff in there too? In the future of course :b
  5. Poh Seng used the trial membership to switch his name he said, thought you could not do that, unless you bought funorbs. Which he said he did not buy and refers himself as still pure f2p.
  6. People are so like the Amish, anti p2p too much, but can't see what F2P has given for us.
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