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  1. Happy birthday, buddy. :D

  2. Please remove my picture(s), thanks.
  3. Here's my two dogs: Bunny Wookie And my three rabbits: Elliot Thumper C.B. I also used to own a cat (her name was tilly) but she died quite a few years ago. The only other pets I've ever owned were fish, and they lasted less than a year.
  4. Easter Saturday Update! I haven't been playing much runescape, I've been attending mass a lot and devoted most of the weeks leading up to this easter to religious activities, but I won't bore you with the details. Main thing is I've done some more training. Here's the main levels: [spoiler=60 Attack] [spoiler=60 Defence] [spoiler=60 Strength] [spoiler=60 Constitution] [spoiler=60 Mining] In other news... I've been working on making more money (mainly to fund prayer and other skills) and hit the 5M mark! Next goal is to have 10M, then 20M, all the way up to been able to afford 70 prayer to get all skills at 70 or above. [spoiler=5M!] For now I'l finish off the last 2 skills to 60 (range and dung) then on to making more money and the goal of all 70+! :)
  5. Awesome, another F2P blog! Good luck with your goals, I'll be following you :)
  6. Congrats on four years! I had a blast reading through all the entries I missed while I was away. Very entertaining to say the least! Keep it up :thumbsup:
  7. Awesome, that's really helpful! One little problem though, it displays the price for strung gold ammies, not unstrung :P. At the moment it's looking like I'll be making gold necklaces, I'm not patient enough for the prices to change in my favour. Still, very easy when I've got youtube or tif open since I can take breaks to watch/read while they're being made. Monday Update! Still working on all 60+, with the exception of prayer for now. Almost hit the 4M gp mark as well. I haven't been flipping as much the last couple of days, and relied on my skills (mainly superheating) to get a small bit of cash to make up for it. Here are some levels from the last few days. [spoiler=60 Magic] [spoiler=60 Smithing] [spoiler=60 Runecrafting] Next will be crafting and mining. I only just learnt about urns as well. Not sure if I have the money to spare at the moment, but I guess I could make them myself. Every little bit of experience counts after all. Looks like I need 8k god necklaces for 60 craft. I'm also not sure how long mining will take if I bank the iron. Well I have a break from appointments and TAFE on Wednesdays so I should get both of them done then.
  8. Congrats Kaida! Hope to be around as long as possible, still sad I missed you getting 99 mining but I'll do my best to be around for more great achievements of yours. Was also surprised to see you were a mod when I returned! Here's to a few more years :)
  9. Awesome! That was too easy :D. Thanks man! Late Saturday update! I've been training a few skills, working on getting all of them (with the exception of prayer) to 60+ and then from there on to 70+. I managed to get a few skills to 60 today, and I plan on doing a few more tomorrow as well. I also hit total level 900 milestone! [spoiler=Total Level 900] [spoiler=60 Firemaking] [spoiler=60 Cooking] [spoiler=60 Fishing] Tomorrow I'm going to be superheating my way to 60 magic and smithing, and will probably do either mining or crafting after that. I want to hold off on crafting for a little longer since gold ammies no longer return a profit, only necklaces, and they are almost half the experience. I don't expect to make any amount of cash, I just don't want to pay for training (saving for a rainy day as they say).
  10. Yeah I pop in from time to time. I plan on applying once I meet the requirements.
  11. Nice stats, love reading other F2P'ers blogs. Good luck with your goals :)
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