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  1. 120 RuneCrafting! I now have half my skills (8 total) that are 100m XP+ or level 120+! RuneCrafting has been quite the slow grind to get it up there, and unfortunately a long way to go still. That said, I'm going to be taking a break from RC and switch over to Crafting soon to compete with my Clan in a skilling competition. Depending on how it goes, Crafting may end up being my next 200m. ~Medi
  2. Thanks man :), I appreciate it. It's nice to know you see it this way, I've definitely put a lot of time into it :shades:. The F2P game has changed quite a bit in terms of xp rates, and the general mindset of some of the community - but I'll always know/have the achievements I did my way. Haha, yep, and thanks |^_^|. Maybe not quite as often as I used to, but I still keep up with it (part of that of course being the fact I maxed awhile ago) but virtual levelling adds some extra options, as well as reaching different XP goals :D. I'm still playing so I continue to post/update here as I progress. It also serves as a nice trip down memory lane whenever I want to visit and look back at my progress over the years. My response is a bit late, so you may already know by now, but they've added a way to display "virtual levels". It can be found under Game(play) Settings > Miscellaneous settings. There are a few different options there such as gold trim around the levels, what "shape" to display (if any) for 120+ and 200m skills. --------------------------------- Here's a few level-ups and some of what I've been working on lately: [hide=WoodCutting] I started training this with my clan as we had a WoodCutting Skilling Competition. (My friend and clanmate also getting a Wcing level during the competition, Grats Rabbi!) I got a few levels during the competition, and it also helped push my Woodcutting over 40 Mil XP, leaving Mining as my only skill under 40 Mil now. [/hide] [hide=RuneCrafting] Back to working on RuneCrafting, getting ever closer to my 8th 120+ skill, which would make half of my skills 120+! Just 1 level left! A lot faster than it once was, but still one of the slowest F2P skills, the last level will take a bit of time, but it's the next thing on my list :) [/hide] [hide=1.6 Bil XP!] A long time coming, but at last 1.6Bil total XP, officially the halfway point (xp wise) to 200Mil all in F2P (3.2 Bil) :) Getting 1.6Bil in game, and the picture of my stats in F2P at the time. This was achieved on April 25th, 2016. [/hide] ~Medi
  3. I've been hard at work getting some of my stats up, including a new 120, making that 7 total for me. Here are a few of my recent level-ups. 117 RuneCrafting! I've been levelling this up quite a bit recently, slow going at best, but getting up there. I put it on hold (at 80mil xp) when I decided to train some Crafting.. Which leads me to: 119 Crafting! After 80Mil RuneCrafting I wanted a little break and decided to take a few days off to get my Crafting to 120, here's 119. 120 Crafting! Ahh at last, my 7th 100m+ skill and 120! After getting this it's straight back to RuneCrafting, getting closer to that 120.
  4. New Bank pic for end 2015/beginning of 2016! Finally a yearly bank pic posted on time! The Black Santa Hat has really inflated my bank. The BSH is 864mil in the GE at the time this was taken, and I only paid 230 mil for it. Getting ever closer to 2147M!
  5. 1.5 Bil Total XP: Halfway point between 1Bil and 2Bil ;). This is also fast approaching the halfway point of maxed F2P XP (1.6b/3.2b)
  6. Thanks dude :shades: Here's what I've been up to recently: 50M Prayer Thanks to cremation, prayer got considerably cheaper. Although still pricey, I was able to finish getting this to 50M at last! I got more than just 1 level up, getting my melee stats up to 111. I plan on working on Ranged in the not too distant future, bringing it on par with my melee stats again.
  7. A few recent level ups: 108 Woodcutting Thanks to the invasion of Falador I got my first Woodcutting level in awhile. The lamps from commendations were nice! 108 Mining Also thanks to the Invasion of Falador and all the prismatic lamps, as well as a few from the Halloween event (I ended up 1 lamp away by the time the Fally event ended!) 109 Defence Now that we can see virtual levels, I feel I need to even out my combat stats, 110 Defence is on the way. Here is 109, 1 to go ;).
  8. Thanks a lot! I've been at it for quite some time now :P Tyvm! :shades: I appreciate it :D Here's my next level up: 111 RuneCrafting! 2nd Level up with virtual leveling! I was pretty close so decided to go ahead and get this one :)
  9. Virtual Leveling! With the release of this I can more easily track my progress past level 99! Here are my stats upon release of this system: and... My first level up under the virtual leveling system: 120 Magic! I did a fair bit of alching while I went for 200Mil Fishing, however I slowed down in the last couple months. Nevertheless I got close to 120 Mage by the time I finished Fishing so here it is.
  10. Thanks! :shades: But I'm afraid not, I've got at least one more in me :P. As for 200m Mining, I don't see that happening anytime soon, I just did Mining urns because I had some in the bank already. Also, this shows how active I've been on here lately.. replying only how many months later? Right you are bbg. 200M Fishing - Achieved September 6th 2015 It took me almost 5 months to do this averaging close to 1m xp/day from 60Mil Xp. I always kind of wanted this 200m, I remember being a nooby (back when I was working on 20M Fishing xp years ago) thinking that I could see myself going for 200m one day. Back then there were no urns or action bar (having to drop all fish manually) and the highest Fishing XP in F2P was around 60mil. I was thinking maybe I could be number 1 (in F2P) to make it to 200m. I never actively went for this goal until earlier this year however, and 2 other F2Per's beat me to the punch. Nevertheless I'm glad to have been able to make it as the 3rd player to reach this goal. I'd also like to give a grats to my friend Atticusbird who got 120 Magic along side my 200M Fishing Xp. ~Medi
  11. Thanks :) It's definitely been a long road but I'm proud of my F2P achievments for sure! You bet! Hopefully more goals to be reached in the future! Okie bbg here you go: [Hide=Dungeoneering Pics] 200M Dungeoneering I learned to love DG and had a lot of fun getting this 200m! Thanks for that 2nd pic Sharps <3! Speaking of DG, I hold a couple Xp/Hr Records in F2P: #1 Recorded Xp/Hr Small (and overall) Dg in F2P (526,850 Xp/Hr) #1 Recorded Xp/Hr Large Dg Floor in F2P (482,350 Xp/Hr) Both of these are highest xp/hr recorded for a single floor in F2P. [/hide] Not too long after 200m DG I got another Total Xp milestone: 1,234,567,890 Total Xp! One of every digit counting up, a pretty nice number to have if I say so myself. ~Medi
  12. Thanks :). Yes it was pretty much all burying big bones manually. The action bar has definitely made it less click intensive however. That being said (although fairly rare these days) I always would put my xp lamps toward prayer as well. Unfortunately that still is, and currently remains the fastest way to train prayer in f2p. At one tick per bone you can max out a little over 70k/hr (including banking time) for roughly 3mil gp at current prices. ~42-43 gp/xp. I wouldn't mind getting my prayer up to 50m+ sometime, but it'll take awhile to make the money for that first. Thanks :D, I've definitely been at this one awhile, it feels good to finally add that 10th digit! ~Medi
  13. Tyvm :shades: It's definitely been a long time coming! Well thank you good lookin. ;) 1 Billion Total Xp! I've finally gone ahead and done it.. 1 Bil Total xp :). I didn't have a huge party, but still invited a few friends down to help celebrate my achievement! My Stats at the time of achieving exactly 1Bil Total XP.
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