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  1. Action bar to be more useful to skilling More abilities for all combat styles Balance the hp increase on armours Magic level to increase your hit so someone using ice barrage with 96 magic would hit less and less frequently then someone with 99 but keeping in mind the difference wouldn't be huge between 96 and 99. MORE RESOURCES TO SKILL AT! Just saying, maybe everyone shouldn't just think about improving combat but possbily the whole entire game and its content within e.g skilling, skilling hasn't got all that much attention in ages.
  2. The whole clan is kinda failing at the moment due to no recruitments and barely anyone ever on.. but if you wanted to come with a bunch of mates that would be sweet?
  3. Im joining the gwdz event on the 16th, i try to join the big topic chats but i seem to lose track as to whats going on and i don't really feel comfortable cause im not known all that much?
  4. Merchings going great for me aha! I managed to bank 92 prayer and get a set of bandos, dfs and bgs! Now currently on 38m cash stack plus bank. :)
  5. I may have a screenshot which could be similar to your problems, i'll post it when i get home? it seems to be similar to your guys problems.
  6. You missed the whole point of the topic.. I must say man, that probably had to be the greatest thing i've ever read ahahaa!
  7. So i have no idea what my timezone is - its 11:23 am right now, do you think you could tell me what time it would be for me if the event starts? Also, would full subjugation and staff of light with ancients work well? or would i be better off using full armadyl but im not sure what cross bow i would use?
  8. I wonder if those 17 people realise they could become the richest 07 players fairly quickly with one simple forum post and an entry fee of like 50k? No way of enforcement. EDIT: OR atleast very little way, it'd be really hard if you were to open to more than say 10 people. I don't see how? Just clear your friends list, ask for 50k entry and add them and let them in? isn't there a setting where only friends can come in? then delete them when they leave?
  9. I wonder if those 17 people realise they could become the richest 07 players fairly quickly with one simple forum post and an entry fee of like 50k?
  10. Its not a guide but I do know of these good duel wields. - Drygore/chaotic rapiers If you want to kill things fast and efficently? What would be your price range?
  11. Someone explain to me what - JOAT - Peng Points - God Statues Are and how i can do them for slayer exp?
  12. Yeah aha, im glad there quite cheap now but i still gotta do alot of quests! :(
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