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  1. Exactly my intention, I hate Dung, but like the rewards :)
  2. All the major browsers support HTML5, plus they'll have their own Jagex client. Just to correct an assumption I saw saying only Chrome supports HTML5.
  3. Thanks very much, I have duel Drygore Longs. Started trying to get the hang of EoC at last.. Feel like I'm still missing something, but getting better as I practice. Good to be back to be honest, just struggle finding time to get on and play these days!
  4. I'm looking for some guides on Duel-Wielding for Melee, everything seems out-dated since the recent changes to duel-wielding. Looking to find out best tested set-ups / Ability bar set-ups. If anyone is aware of any good up-to-date duel-wielding info or guides for Melee please could you link me? Thanks, RoswellCrash.
  5. Happy birthday! :D

  6. Negative Nancy's lol

  7. That's exsactly what I thought, a choice between "1 melee item, 1 ranged item, 1 mage item, and 1 skilling item" or possibly a defence item (Shield) instead of the skilling item, as I wonder if these powerful items are the new combat system related.
  8. Well no, I think population has a lot to do with it, majority of RuneScapes player base is American. If it was a majority British they wouldn't use USD wether its the world trade currency or not, I think it's clear they've used USD because that's the majority of their customer base. Anyone have any thoughts on what the four items could be?
  9. My bad I guess I was thinking of somewhere else, 311 is the figure given, you can always presume its larger with illegals.
  10. The UK only has a pop of like 65 Million, US has 270 Million, as for the Euro Zone, you wouldn't want to use the Euro because buy time you say it's worth 35 it's probably 45 again. So it makes sense to put it into dollars which is the world trade currency. It's a different marketing strategy, I can't understand why that upsets people, changing strategys to find the best ones what any company does. I love how they've said it's $45 worth of freebies & everyone gone totally stupid over it. They actually did spend a lot of time saying how good and exciting the content will be but everyone's completely ignored that as if the post just said sign up and get $45 worth of stuff.
  11. I think the $45 worth is a sales pitch to the adults that might be buying the membership for the kids over the summer. ''look mom (mum) it's $45 worth of free stuff if you buy me two months membership. I don't think it's a bad thing to sell it like that. As for these four items, Melee, Mage, Ranged & Defence items? So pick from 3 new weapons or a shield? One way to make the item viable for all levels could be that it grows with you, so a level ten the weapon or shield we be suited to that level range and growing more powerful as you do.
  12. It may seem so, but come on, are you not getting sick of comments like this one above destroying any chance of a real discussion on tif?
  13. My point exsactly, they don't have their own opinions, they are just following the trend which at the moment is to bash on everything & anything.
  14. Cmon, it's not hard to see what the problem here is. To get a reward worth hundreds of thousands of exp points... Before: Be a member and complete an epic grandmaster level quest Now: Be a member and complete an epic grandmaster level quest Which part of this development "looks good"? Oh well. Even here many ppl seem to be blinded by the exp rewards. And others blinded by the uncontrollable desire to [bleep] and moan. At least someone sees the crybaby generation for what it is. The game has always been changing, it won't stop, sure SOF is a little naught with the EXP, don't talk about the coins if you win that in 500 spins your very lucky. Everyone complained about the free items with game cards, have they cause such an impact that everyone's game has been ruined because someone's got an awsome powerful ornate katana? No. Solomons is fine, it that store sticks to its pricibles it's just cosmetic, I'm happy with that, I've always wanted costumes that hide armour. At the end of the day, the game changing and evolving isn't new, it's always stired up a little contravercy since day one, only difference is the community. The games not the one changing in a horrible way it's the vanity if the community, it's almost like petty jealousy, 'omg I had to get 99 fishing on 60k an hour xp rate, now it's like 300k it's so unfair' Seriously get over yourselves, what did you expect the game to remain slow paced forever. Nothing's as big of a deal as people are making it out to be, all this RWT whining is getting boring, if you honestly hate it that much don't buy it! I'm sorry are you saying that you give a crap if someone spent $100 and got 350k exp worth of lamps, what's that got to do with your account & your play style? Absolutly nothing that's what! It's all about people who did it the hard way being upset that someone might have done it a bit easier, I tell you what 'make x' had more of an impact on skill that SOF. Disagree with it, don't take part in it, but don't make every fecking discussion about it, it's boring, your boring, get over it. Make your complaint and shut up, don't wait till a new post is released completely unrelated to the Solomons store and start [bleep]ing about it all over again. I came to this topic (stupidly) expecting there to be some talk about what these four powerful items might be, instead to see infernal whining by morons about how everythings about money.. And more pathetic whining about the micro-trans additions to the game, I wish I could fast forward 5 years when hopefully this whiniy backwards time jn the community has died out. There hasnt been much decent discussion on tif since possibly 2007. The community is what sucks not the game. It's just one large growing trend in today's society to whine and complain about everything, perminantly looking at the negatives and something to rebel against and the little clones all have the same lame old tired crap to say. You all [bleep] about SOF and other things, but you all use it, you all do the daily spins, if you don't like it don't touch it, it's not affecting the game in any large way, no ones bought themselfs the rank one spot. You're all wasting your time crying over something your all using, hypocrites. If you want something to campaign over it's bots.
  15. Looks good, gee the community is sad these days can't Jagex post something without it being scrutinised. So sad that it's like the "fashionable thing" to bash a game, and all the little clones fall in line.
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