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  1. First post edited to include today's news. (7-26-2012)
  2. Hahaha, this. So hard. (Though that would honestly be horrifying)
  3. Actually re-reading that it's obviously going to be some sort of weapon/armour. I mean the most powerful fishing rod/hatchet/pickaxe/box trap in all of runescape? doesn't quite sound right does it? Well no, but I mean... I can't really force myself to believe they'd actually give out top of the line gear for money just yet. I don't know exactly what it will be if it's not combat gear but I still have a semblance of hope. Apprehensive until the newspost about this next week.
  4. They haven't exactly said how the Xp will be given. It may be instant, it may be another Mad May Necklace-type thing.
  5. Also, this "Choose Your Fate" thing really scares me... This better not be any type of weapon or armour... Stick to cosmetics!
  6. Personally, this just screams "Stay subscribed to me! Stay subscribed to me! We need your money!" Really depressing.
  7. Wherever you are in the world - it's summer in Gielinor! To help sizzle up your summer, every day over the course of August and September, RuneScape members will receive a host of summer goodies. Be a member through all of August and receive 350,000 XP and an extra bonus spin every day! Stay a member throughout September too and we'll double it! That's 700,000XP and 2 extra spins every day in September. To get you further into the summer mood, stay a member throughout August and September and you'll also receive 9 new customisation items, including a 5-piece Tropical Islander outfit, extra head & cape accessories, a new title and even a wild Crab Transformation Dance emote! With over $45 worth of items and spins included, this really is a scorching Summer sensation! Hot enough? Well, if all of this wasn't enough, players who are members for the entirety of the Sizzling Summer (1st August GMT until 30th September GMT) will also have the envious chance to CHOOSE YOUR FATE! CHOOSE YOUR FATE is a selection of four of the most powerful items ever seen in RuneScape. More exciting details on this next week! We promise you will not want to miss out on this and much much more… Make sure you're a member throughout August and September to take part. So keep calm and party on. The RuneScape Team ----------------------------------- Edit: Updated news from 7-26-2012 Last week we announced the launch of our exciting Sizzling Summer event. Every day over the course of August and September, RuneScape members will receive a host of summer goodies, including a total of over 1 million XP, plus 91 additional bonus spins on the Squeal of Fortune. Add to this nine new customisation items, including a five-piece Tropical Islander outfit. All in all this totals up to a value of over $45! Throughout the weekends in August and September, there will be a whole host of community events, and Yelps and Solomon will help celebrate Sizzling Summer on the Squeal of Fortune and the General Store. If that wasn’t enough to get your summer juices flowing, today we announce the sizzling finale: Choose Your Fate! Choose Your Fate is a selection of four of the most powerful rewards ever seen in RuneScape. Members for the entire Sizzling Summer (1st August GMT until 30th September GMT) will be able to choose a total of four of the following rewards: Dodging death – This nifty reward lets you come back from the dead and re-spawn with all your gear still intact and life points fully charged. Emergency healing box – On your last legs? Don’t worry! Anyone who consumes the healing box will be healed instantly and restored to maximum life points. Better still, become a life-saver and use your healing box on your friend or clan member to heal them instead! Instakill dart – You're fighting for your life in the God Wars Dungeon: your health is low, and you've chugged your last Saradomin brew, but your foe isn't letting up. The answer is here. The instakill dart will kill whatever target you face with one almighty hit! Remote deposit box – Stuck in the middle of nowhere and need to empty your backpack quickly? Use your remote deposit box and - voila! - for 5 minutes, any player can use the deposit box to send items back to their bank. Choose wisely - these items can only be used once and will expire on 31st December 2012. The only way to get your hands on these elite items is by being a member for the whole of August and September. These items will never be available through Solomon’s General Store or the Squeal of Fortune and will be non-tradable. With the exception of the remote deposit box, they cannot be used during PvP. Which items will you choose? One of each item, a mix, or four of the same one? The choice is yours! Make sure you don’t miss out on the million XP, bonus spins, awesome outfits and Choose your Fate rewards by becoming a member now! The RuneScape Team
  8. Combine that with today's confirmation from Mod Jacmob that Optimus will go into full swing in July...hmm... :-kCan't find that quote from Jacmob. QFC, please?that was taken ingame lol. I assumed that wasn't what he was talking about because clearly he didn't confirm anything. He said the letter L.
  9. Combine that with today's confirmation from Mod Jacmob that Optimus will go into full swing in July...hmm... :-k Can't find that quote from Jacmob. QFC, please?
  10. The featured article kind of bothers me. Of course the RSOF will have a community and of course it will be active. If your fansite's community is active, it's guaranteed the actual site's community will be more active. Simply because it takes a curious initiative to go out looking for a fansite's forum and become a community of it. Meaning any other fansites community will die long, long before the community from the official site will. Time and again it's been boasted that the RSOF is one of the most popular gaming forums ever. I think it was even ranked 3rd recently. So to have expected the RSOF community to have died before your own seems to suggest a very snobbish/ignorant sense of things.
  11. Not that it's real useful or anything but the hp boost stays in Dg much like Ovl's and Renewals.
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