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  1. Ran double natures for a friend, he gave me the ess and I ran from nature altar to random general store in the middle of nowhere in Karajama, un-note pure ess and run back to the altar. Used to pick plax for the same guy (how I met him), 100k for each 1k flax. Was so unbelievably happy when I got 3k flax and he logged on. The hours I spent killing blue drags at that cave south of Yanille. Unbelievable. Was saving up for a d med haha.
  2. As stated, no money would be injected into the economy, like, at all. All the money would transfer from player to player, not spawned from nothing. As said I disagree with the idea of buying GP from a store, but being able to sell game time to other players, that is what I am suggesting.
  3. Yeah, thats the only way I would see it working, as any other way introduces massive economy changes.
  4. How would this increase botting? As shown by EVE Online (who use this exact same system), it eliminates botting as there is a safe and legal method for buying in-game currency. Even though bots in EVE Online offer in-game currency at ~25% less than the rate available legally, very few people see the benefit as they risk getting their accounts banned to save a small amount of money. I do see where you are coming from in point 2, and you are correct. In any given situation their will be winners and losers, I am merely offering another solution that helps players with little time. There are just as many games that offer micro-transactions as those that don't, so I don't really see you point regarding LoL. Comparing real-life athletics to an online game is, frankly, useless. They are too drastically different. Yep, played EVE for a number of years and it works very well, as long as it doesn't inject cash into the economy, which this (and EVE's) system do, it keeps the balance. Okay :) The benefit of the system mentioned in the OP is there is no cash injection, the cash already exists in the system. I agree that a simple coin store that creates gold from nowhere into your account would be bad for business, but as long as the same amount of GP stays in the system, just in other players hands, then it would have no effect on the balance of said system. RL Auction House could work, have D3, not played it yet though, so no comment can be made on this system! I don't mean this in a nasty or condescending way, but does it really matter? If I get personal satisfaction from having 99 Herblore, then that should be my satisfaction, and not ruin anyone else's gameplay or day. RS isn't about any one thing, that, in my opinion, is the beauty of it. Therefore your comparison with AC3 is incorrect. AC3 is all about getting achievements and beating the missions, so paying to complete the game, rightly so, seems worthless. I would disagree with RS not being about end-game content. I think the large majority of active players are constantly looking for more end game content. The thing that sets RS and WoW apart is this journey you speak of. The basic skeleton is the same though.
  5. I'm just going to come out and say this, before we even get started, for those who want to know what's going on with reading :words:. I think Runescape should sell GP. This statement seems relatively (understatement of the decade) controversial within the Runescape community. A few years ago, I would have thought the same, why should someone be able to buy their way to all 99's with real life money? Well, after a lot of thinking (and playing another MMO for a while), I decided that, while it's fair to say that it is unfair for people to be able to buy their way to 99's (I believe the term level playing field would be appropriate), I think its equally unfair that a large portion of the Runescape player base can not commit the time that Jagex demands we pour into the game to be the best. If you want to play the game at its highest level and play at a competitive and enjoyable level (with end-game content) you have to spend months training skills. I, as I am sure many others are too, am in an akward situation of being a Runescape player with almost no spare time to play the game. I work 70 hour weeks and in my spare time I enjoy playing RS. I am slowly, but surely, falling back from my friends due the little time I have to play the game. I realise this is not Jagex's fault, or indeed yours, but I feel like I would benefit greatly from the ability to legally buy GP. SoF is not a solution, it's gambling, I could put £x into SoF spins and recieve 200M or 1k. I can even suggest a route to take that would help make the prospect of buying + selling GP attractive to both sides. - Introduce a mechanic on Runescape homepage for players to sell GTC codes safely and securely (Simple to manufacture and use but don't want to bore with a detailed description). (The same GTC's that are available in store now) - Players can freely buy or sell these codes for GP only. This way, players like me can speed up training by spending some of my disposable income on Runescape GP safely and legally, and players who have lots of GP can effectively play for free. Doesn't affect Jagex's profits in any way as all the GTCs used are still bought from them, just the person using it changes. I realise so many of you are against RWT, but I wanted to make my opinion clear and hear yours. Thanks.
  6. Yeah constant work here, no fun. Maybe one day, not getting ahead of myself just yet! Will catch up with ya in game at some point soon I hope :D
  7. Thanks for the help tieszen, I'll have a look into the things you listed. Hey Muto, long time no see, how are things? :)
  8. Hi there :) I'm returning to RuneScape after years of absence. (~2 years, if not more) My account has been cleaned out from anything of worth but I have managed to get together about 700k from junk I had in my bank. I'm a level 129 player with 99 HP, Att and Def with 92 Str. I'm looking to start raising up funds to start playing more seriously, but its been so long since I was in the game that I don't know what is decent money making any more. Back when I played seriously Barrows was decent money...but now I have no idea if its any good or if the methods I used are even effective now. Can the fine people of tip.it help me out with ideas and advice? :) Thanks :D
  9. Bloody hell, 4 years? I still remember the first day of release like it was yesterday. I remember the map they had too, with a black square on it with Castle Wars (Date here) on it.
  10. Hey, I ran the RSE Podcast before I quit, we managed 6-7 episodes in that time, and had 2 main interviews, Ashley and Villandra/Slayerbelle. We recorded via the program Skype, great quality over TS/Vent. We uploaded to a free hosting site (http://www.mypodcast.com), which automatically uploaded to I-Tunes. On the site, you could listen to the MP3 direct, which helped anyone not able/wanting to listen to it on I-Tunes. I can help, but I live a terribly busy life (kid, wife, work, usual), which is why I had to shut down the RSE Podcast. If I had a definite day and time to record, and everyone managed to keep on that timetable, I'd be glad to help. I'm a retired RS player, but I've played for 4 years, so my knowledge on the game is pretty much complete. If you need me for any technical issues, give me a pm. PaDz
  11. No problem, this is the link to our hosting site, you can download the mp3 file there: http://rse.mypodcast.com/2007/12/RSE_Ru ... 63484.html
  12. Just giving this a wee bump. Thanks to everyone's support :D
  13. From what she's told me on MSN, she's not continuing to play on it after reaching 99 Slayer. Meh, you'd think she'd want to show off a bit. :-k What reason is there to still play? She accomplished the post difficult feat in the entire game AND raised a different account to max total. After the Wildy and Trading updates, there's no reason to continue to put up with the game at her experience. Seems to be that way, if she continued on Slayerbelle, she'd have to watch every little bit of exp she got #-o She will still be playing on Villandra though, again, I'm only relaying what 've been told, so don't quote my ramblings as truth :oops:
  14. From what she's told me on MSN, she's not continuing to play on it after reaching 99 Slayer.
  15. We're going off topic slightly :lol: I would like to know what you think we can improve on for the next interviews
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