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  1. I think it's kind of weird that people seem to know what kind of game everyone else wants to play. the 07 backup was the only option we got, a lot of people voted yes only to get away from EoC, not to go back to grinding. In the mean time, they'll deal with the grinding and lack of Convenience to stay away from EoC, but that doesn't mean they want it. Neither are you, people are allowed to suggest updates and conveniences they want/think other people would want.
  2. I love when people confuse word tedious with difficult. In turn, they confuse the word convenient with easy.
  3. I remember there being a world where there was always 10+ people at the ape atoll course (and I'm talking even late into the night, when there's the least amount of people on) Is that still a thing?
  4. Ankous are good if you want to make some good profit while doing it. for just pure xp, there's also is those high level Shades under Mort'on while wearing full Dharok.
  5. it's a mix of both There's still a ton of bots everywhere, namely at Yew Trees (the place I've noticed most), though last night I noticed a lack of Goblin Killing bots People are definitely quitting though too, there's less votes in the polls, the forums are less active, and most of said forums is people complaining about the same thing...Bots
  6. Seems like a rather cruel random event if it's attacking everyone....and there's no warning to it...
  7. Scepters, saving some of the gold pieces (people buy it to recharge scepters)
  8. Doesn't surprise me. Nostalgia only lasts so long. Entertainment value in gameplay as well. There's little to do at a high level. OS doesn't get new players without a f2p status Most new players won't even care to try it, because by today's standard of game, EoC is a much better game than OS
  9. It's the highest I've ever gotten it too, on EoC, i'm only like..76 I think I could barely stand killing chompies for the quests, can't even imagine going for a hat.
  10. Didn't people primarily use the D Hally for the single Spec?
  11. I don't think you can right now. Go try it?
  12. I'm not sure how the accuracy of the D Claw spec is relevant to this. Which you're much more likely to get while wearing void because you'll actually HIT that hit more times than not.
  13. Not even true because if you were doing that you'd rely on spec weapons (that are better in every way with strength gear) or range anyway. Not necessarily, since in W6 bandos, you had time for 1 hit...that's it. That's all you had. Accuracy was much more important as a result. No one ranging got any bandos kills in w6
  14. I'd say currently I melee as much as I mage in f2p. Doing dungeons solo though, I don't see many monsters high enough level to worry about switching styles for, save the few random high level forgotten Warriors in a room on their own. Got my bow to complete my teir 5 set, so now I'm ready for all. Thanks for the help guys
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