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  1. I hope everyone stops training to let Zezima reclaim his crown. EDIT: ^ Isnt zezima married?
  2. Conversation I had earlier with a noob. (was at the digsite place so no one knows anything about the skill yet). Random guy: I Like divination it seems like a good skill. Noob: Why? Because its easy? Typical. Me: What skill is hard? Dungeneering or farming maybe? Noob: Non they are all easy. Hence Typical. Me: wut? Noob has logged out.
  3. I hope this enriched spring spawn is fixed and it just becomes random like nodes in Runespan.
  4. Expected better from tip it community moaning about a slow skill... Come on guys... Not everything is handed to you on a plate. Everyone just got used to noob gains and 99 in a week. pfft. A skill comes out that seems to actually take a bit of effort and everyone goes mental. Lol, its embarrassing.
  5. Best part about this update is when you fight monsters thier HP number and weakness is now visible. This help you understand what a 'hit' actually means.
  6. Transparent bank just looks stupid. I think thats whats making it look so confusing,
  7. tfw no more afk skills left. EDIT: no warbands were harmed in the making of this screenshot.
  8. Complete floor 55. Complete a large Occult in under 15 mins.
  9. Decent read. Would give it 6.5/10. Much preferred Animal Farm. Currently reading Frankenstein. Tough read guys, all narration and little dialogue. Feels slow.
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