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  1. I was just thinking, because I got membership just for the summer, basically played my living heart out like it was 6th grade again, and now I'm "quitting" (for like the 3rd time) now that my 60 days has run up. Considering I spent those 60 days going from 85-92 slayer, F2P doesn't offer anything much to me anymore
  2. Imagine for whatever reason that your membership got cancelled. And for that same whatever reason, you could never achieve it back (on your main or any account). Would you still play? Obviously this is meant for longtime members, but permanent free player input would be very interesting
  3. Cashed in some Miscellania herbs from a month; I got an amulet of fury and a berserker ring; right now I'm focusing on hybrid stuff cause I really don't wanna drop all my money on just one thing for one style.
  4. Well I -thought- I would quit two years ago, but I decided to come back just for the summer and haven't really caught up to all the youngin's stretegies currently (yay for spamming basics haha). The #1 stereotype - bald, black beard/mustache, snot colored shirt, & green pants = bot
  5. What stereotypes are commonly associated with skills, especially at level 99? For me, I'd say Cooking - that's cute, now go get a real 99 Fishing - wanted to watch arrested development while *technically* still playing Herblore - I could have bought a partyhat with the cost of this cape Woodcutting - You and Ivies - til broken axe random do you part Agility - your poor left mouse button Summoning - Bogrog is like my stepfather
  6. For me, the sound will never turn off, and I'm pretty sure Jagex made it as loud as possible to drown out whatever I'm playing on YouTube.
  7. Depends on which ones you get, and the teleports are handy. I'll never take a crawling hand task, but the teleports are useful when I have tasks in the tower. The abyssal one also gives killer experience! Stacked with a special slayer contract, they're almost 500 xp each!
  8. I spent 2m to get 68 summoning today, yay for bunyips!
  9. My armor set up for my tasks are All: full slayer helm, ammy of glory, combat brace (4), ring of slaying, Bandos boots, vampyrism aura. Too lazy to use a familiar at all. Melee: torags top and bottom, untrimmed skillcape, and either my bgs or dual vine whip/drag long sword Range: karils top and bottom, Ava's, and either dark bow w/steel arrows or rune xbows with broad tipped bolts Mage: ahrims top and bottom, untrimmed skillcape, and either corresponding elemental staff or master's wand and required shield for task. I'm on standard, but I have unlocked ancients. 90 hp, 89 def, 88 atk, 88 str, 82 range, 77 mage, 62 pray, 52 summon Can this set up take me to 99 slayer (at 88 so far). I'm doing it for profit, and I barely ever turn down tasks. I don't pay much attention to the game during tasks usually (click on monster, click out to youtube, come back in half a minute, rinse and repeat) so that's why I use vampyrism. I'm not into bosses whatsoever, and haven't even stepped foot into GWD. I use sumona for my main tasks, and kuradel for 10/50 point bonus. I have 35m to spend. However, as you can probably tell, I'm thrifty with my gear. What, if I should, should I upgrade?
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