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  1. Barbecue Sandwich


  2. I'm still just laughing because kim said anal.. :D
  3. Moral of the story, Jebrim is going to be first to 99 all barring something very strange, whether we like it or not. Sad..
  4. that rule hasn't been around for a long time afaik
  5. oh, and i have had to buy things wayyyyyyy over/under in the ge
  6. Nothing major, but I have noticed that a lot of places seem much more empty, and the website has has several k less players than normal.
  7. Right.. I don't think that is sad, because that way people at least have to train the skill.. So just to reiterate, I can get the xp boost from the duke once per week? And does it reset like pengs? Or like tears?
  8. ty.. how about the xp from the duke, and the pendants?
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