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  1. Bows


    Hey, thinking of you all. I hope all of you are doing well!
  2. Bows


    Yearly check-in! What's happenin' OT?
  3. Bows


    Awful news, Saq. So very sorry.
  4. Bows


    Wow, I went back to page 1000 after seeing that pic with Goon posting on it. Holy nostalgia. That was FIVE YEARS AGO. So many of us talking about our days, first name basis, knowing so much about each other back then. It was honestly amazing to re-read where our lives were. Such a different time. I'm glad I stopped in for my yearly hello; it made me realize how incredible this community (and particular topic on these forums) really is. It's truly been a treat to be a part of it, and to grow with each and every one of you. :<3: Cheers, to all of you, lads. If and when the day comes that these forums end up closing, I will personally host a space where we can all keep in touch.
  5. Bows


    Whoa, whoa. Drinking by yourself is nothing to be ashamed of. I bartend, and more often than not I would prefer to drink alone without the social aspect that most people feel needs to coincide with drinking. I don't necessarily drink to get drunk, but I drink recreational as a way to unwind.
  6. Bows


    I got another tattoo yesterday. It's the Dark Mark from Harry Potter. My other tattoo is "I solemnly swear that I'm up to no good." on my inner right bicep. This one is taking up almost my entire inner left forearm (so it stays true to the placement on the Death Eaters.)
  7. Bows


    In response to everyone asking how I've been -- I've been really good! Just working, hanging out, living in my own house. Life's been swell. Still together with my girlfriend! I also met Blake Anderson from Workaholics last night. He said I smelled good. If any of you want to follow my Instagram to keep up with the lame shit I do, have at it!
  8. Bows


    Hey, hey, hey! Yearly check in. :wub:
  9. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  10. Bows


    This storm is ridiculous. It hit Northern California first, and my dad ended up hydroplaning, spinning twice and slamming head first into the center divider on the freeway, So that was a SUPER COOL AWESOME phone call to get from my mom. And now the storm has made its way to my neck of the woods here in SoCal. Lord help me.
  11. Bows


    I'm not dead. I'm the Sultan of Swat.
  12. Bows


    My check list usually goes, car won't start? Call mechanic.
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