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  1. So I am not going to have the money for Ascensions/Seismics for awhile. I already have Drygores, and I use Royal Crossbow/Virtus Wand+Book for Magic/Range. Should I look into some of these new weapons? I have all the t70 power armors as well.
  2. Your probably right. The fact I have been farming Twin Furies and I am downright awful at the game kinda proves your first point.
  3. The items from Twin Furies are dropping so incredibly hard. No one wants these armor pieces, especially when the 2nd piece is WAY rarer.
  4. Sounds like you are overheating Try this (I used to have a laptop with an overheating issue long ago) 1. Buy a can of compressed air and blow out your laptop (Blow toward the vents) 2. Buy one of those Laptop Coolers that sit under your laptop and blow air into it and use it.
  5. It is not required for FOTG Whoops, its been so long that when I pulled of the quest requirments I saw reccomended and required
  6. I would also look into eventually doing Mahjarrat Memories for Divination. It starts at level 60 and requires a few quests (I know Blood Runs Deep is one). Its about a 7-9hour miniquest that provides 375k Divination Exp and 150k Bonus Divination Experience, and is helpful for the Fate of the Gods quest. Edit1: Not Required for FoTG
  7. If there is anyone who still hasn't gotten a key and REALLY REALLY wants them, Humble Bundle is selling them as a part of the "Yogcast" bundle (No idea what it is) Its $25 for a bunch of decent/good games, some DLC, and the key. https://www.humblebundle.com/yogscast
  8. They sent a request to find out all accounts associated with my e-mail address (see below), Jagex oblidged them by sending a nice list of my accounts & I assume they then married the RS names & my e-mail address to change password etc. No-one irl has access to my Runescape details. You requested details of all login names associated with this email address. We found 4 accounts that can be used to log in to RuneScape and other Jagex games. Fork Sake Kin L The Lad1 ****my e-mail address here************* If you did not submit this forgot login request, you can safely ignore this email - your accounts will remain secure. Kind regards, Jagex Account Support ED
  9. "The direction we intend to take Runescape Classic" Combined with all of what he just said, does this mean they might start supporting RSC more? I don't know how I feel about that. It would be cool to have them do an Old School type thing with the RSC engine, as long as they leave the original servers as is
  10. You could probably grind up 3 smithing levels and do cannonballs. I can't attest to how profitable they are now, but when I did them I bought 2 coal/1 iron and made it all the way through for decent profits.
  11. Maybe is that why when I displayfps: it goes red? Even on MIN this is happening, which makes no sense because I have a fairly beefy computer. Could I be a Java (I don't think the Client uses Java, but I've been wrong before) or Permissions issue? I have uninstalled/reinstalled a bunch of times now. I also just realized I do have a Video Card driver Update, so I am trying that as well.
  12. Yes. At peak I am using about 40% of my Physical Memory, and 3-5% of everything else. Opera is the only process using any significant amount of resources other than Runescape. Windows 10 btw (Should have specified) The only thing I can think is that I missed part of the cache somewhere since it seems to be split up into multiple areas.
  13. For the past couple days I have had a problem where Runescape (played on the client) will randomly freeze for a second or two and then go back to normal. I don't seem to have the problem with any other online game. Playing on High Detail (Happens on Medium too) i5/GTX 660/8GB Ram Already cleared my cache/reinstalled the client Any ideas? Its sso annoying
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