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  1. And everyone lower than you is a noob.
  2. Good news, the Old School player base seems pretty stable now at around 25k at max. Bad news, I don't think many new players are entering the game, making the game top heavy.
  3. I just spent a while googling for that, couldn't find it, but I found old ones that aren't updated anymore. Any one have one that is still being updated? Just need it for the past month to now.
  4. Sorry to make a new topic for this, but couldn't find the right place to post it. Well the server opened up in late Feburary, and it's now May so I looked a few long term trends of the player base. I shamelessly stole the player data from: http://crystalmathla...ker/players.php The dark black line was a crude attempt to connect the peaks, and the thin line is my freehanding a weighted average. Looking at the long term graph, it's a gradual decreasing but the one month graph paints a bleak image this week. Maybe it's just the end of the semester, but the average is falling below 30k for the first time. Looks like without incoming players, Oldschool will quickly just turn into only high level players. Thoughts?
  5. I enjoyed this issue. The construction article was nice and helped me relive how great it was when construction came out.
  6. SUOMI needs 56,123,446 thieving exp. He earned 3,805,535 thieving exp today, so at this crazy fast rate he only needs 15 days left. That puts him at 9th of February. So soon!
  7. http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Ancient_effigies Check out that guide about them. They are just random exp granting lamps you find while killing monsters.
  8. Thanks for the update Gemeos. Looks like Suomi is doing about 13 hour days (according to the calculator) meaning he should finish in about ~31 days, so a month. Looks like this topic might finally end in February only 3.5 years after it started.
  9. Hey Tip.it Community. This is my first post on the these boards but I've been following the 200M to all skills topic for a few months now. Wanted to share with you Toadwater 2. It's a free MMORPG with many skills such as forestry, farming, mining, whittling, etc. It's a fairly simplistic with HORRIBLE graphics and a small community. The developers are active and add player suggested updates. All you need to play is, Java and an email address. Hopefully since this is a runescape board, everyone already has both of those already. Website Guide Hopefully you take a few minutes and check it out!
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