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  1. And then we proceeded to have the next hardmode floor glitch out so badly we nearly weren't able to finish it. Oh, and we got a second blood necklace, which despawned after I dropped it on gt for Steph to pick up. Runescape isn't a glitchy game at all, guys. >.>
  2. Baroo. Steph knows exactly what I mean by this.
  3. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! ^_^

  4. Happy birthday!

  5. I am surprised (and greatly pleased) to see that this topic is still going, and there are people other than me that are still playing it :) I haven't been on here in a long time, mainly because I stopped visiting TIF once I "retired" from Runescape, but since I'm back and I managed to remember to come to this part of the forum, I decided to post. I, uh... don't exactly have much to say, but yeah. Hey guys :) Hopefully I'll remember to post here more often now... Oh, as for the controls discussion - I personally have never played the 360 version of Minecraft, so I can't really say for sure how well I'd do with a controller on it, but keyboard works just fine for me (although I remap my keys to be focused around the arrow keys, since I use those for movement).
  6. Hate to double post, but I don't think editing my previous post would cause people to reread this topic. I seem to have figured out where this bonus XP is coming from. Sometime last year, I referred a friend to buy membership, and got the bonus xp from that - but I never activated it, since I was saving it for something (likely construction). As it turns out, Jagex changed the way RAF operates. Now, it seems to be a permanent xp boost, except I only gain bonus xp when the person I recruited gains xp in that skill. So if they train... woodcutting, I'll gain bonus xp in woodcutting. Kinda glad this wasn't a glitch. And not only that, I get free xp out of the deal, which I never expected. As a reference, the page on RAF is here: http://services.rune...Friend#XP_Bonus In case you wanted a more detailed explanation. I'm not the best at explaining things clearly, so... :P
  7. I ended up reporting the glitch. I haven't tested to see if it was just a visual bug or if I'm actually gaining the bonus experience yet... I should test it and see, I suppose.
  8. The funny thing is, it disappeared from my Dungeoneering skill when I tried taking a before/after screenshot. And today, it's back. Very unusual...
  9. Going to keep this short, since I was in the middle of DG'ing. I started playing RS around when The World Wakes was released, and thus started playing regularly again. I noticed, however, that I have bonus xp available for various skills - namely, Dungeoneering, Fishing, Thieving, Runecrafting. I figured at first that this was from some sort of promotional/event thing I missed in the past half a year, so I just ignored it and kept playing. Except it hasn't gone away. I've gained well over 1M+ Dungeoneering XP since I started playing again, and it's still displaying that I have bonus XP remaining for it. Every floor I finish, it says I've used up all bonus XP for that skill, yet when I hover over it again in my skills tab, it says I still have more bonus XP remaining - different number every time, but never above 2K as far as I've seen. I've observed the XP splash at the end of the floor for DG experience, and it states I am gaining bonus XP eqivalent to what it said in the skills tab. The other skills that display bonus XP do the same thing, as far as I've experienced. I could provide a screenshot if necessary, but it'd just display a before and after of my bonus XP from doing a floor. Is this some form of weird glitch? Or is something else going on? Frankly, I'm not complaining (bonus XP is XP, after all...), but I'd like to know if this is a glitch and I should be attempting to contact Jagex to fix it.
  10. Happy birthday, ma lovur! Also, your bday is a few days before mine. Let's have babies and make their bday be the 12th :D

  11. Happy Birthday Linky my friend <3: I hope you get everything you wish for, etc, good wishes, etc <3: >:)

  12. The part about the church made me lol so hard for some reason >.> I'm not really playing currently, but I'm still watching Mindcrack videos whenever I get the opportunity (Zisteau's ones, anyway). Runescape no doubt corrupted my view of video gaming in general to some degree - I'm far more efficiency oriented whenever I'm playing anything at all. That's crossed over into Minecraft extensively, although I still like building really large farms and such even if there's zero reason to do so to begin with. One such example was during my playthrough of Super Hostile: Lethamyr - I wanted slimeballs for a couple pistons so I could make... 2x piston doors (12 sticky pistons) 1x melon farm (16 sticky pistons) 1x pumpkin farm (16 sticky pistons) That farm probably took me 5+ hours to make. By the time I was done, I had an ungodly amount of slimeballs. I could've easily stopped before I even had the entire thing dug out, but I can't just leave a project unfinished, because I know it'll never get done otherwise. By the time I finished that map, I had about a double chest full of slimeballs because I kept going back for little bits of xp here and there. Oh, and all of my mining activities are in standard branch mine form (2 blocks between each branch, although 3 blocks would be slightly more efficient). Although, as OCD and extensive as some of my farming and mining activities are, I can't even begin to compare to the... insanity involved in what Zisteau builds. It's just mind boggling how far he goes to build even a "temporary" house. Can't think of anything else to say... other than I should watch more of Kurtjmac's videos. Only really seen him in one season of Ultra Hardcore (the team based one), and that's... pretty much it, I think. Far Lands or Bust interests me, but the sheer number of episodes is a bit discouraging, lol. Oh, and Pause is hilarious. Moreso because he's Canadian like I am >.>
  13. The enchantment rework is probably going to either make Super Hostile maps really, really easy, or really, really hard, depending on if we can get book(shelves) or not - the leather requirement for creating books seems like it'll balance things out a fair amount. Of course, then there's also the spawner code... additions, that Vechs talked to Dinnerbone about implementing. This includes... spawning mobs with potion effects already active, changing health of mobs (higher or lower) when they spawn, charged creeper spawners, allowing mobs to stack on each other when spawning (blaze tower turrets, but they break if you save and quit, and reload)... Oh, and change how many mobs spawn each time the spawner activates, and how often it activates. Also, silverfish now apparently do the "call for help" thing for every tick of damage they take, including poison potions. So yeah... future Super Hostile map players are probably screwed. The entire spawner code change won't do much of anything for those playing in vanilla Minecraft :P A lot of builders (particularly on the Mindcrack server - specifically Zisteau, who's videos I watch religiously) are also waiting for the new wooden slab colors, wooden stairs, etc. There's probably a ton of other stuff I completely forgot is going to be included in 1.3, since there have been so many snapshots between 1.2.5 and it, lol.
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