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  1. I'm 99 Smithing and I want to get to 20m Smithing xp. What's a good method to do it? Something between 5 to 10 gp/xp would be good. Thanks.
  2. Earthman


    So I thought I'd make a topic about Spelunky. You can get the game on Steam for 14€, it's not that expensive. It's a lot of fun and all caves are randomly generated, so no attempt is ever the same. Here's some information and a link to the Steam page. http://spelunkyworld.com/whatis.html http://store.steampowered.com/app/239350/ Just post interesting stuff that you found in the game or just if you beat the game for the first time. :) It's a pretty difficult game, so beating it is quite an achievement.
  3. So the creator of Runescape just made a new game and they are trying to get it on Steam. He just posted this on Twitter so I thought I'd share it and help him get his game on Steam. :) https://twitter.com/AndrewCGower/status/438001828660133888
  4. I just hope I'm able to do this with bandos armour and a chaotic maul. :P
  5. Anyone else experiencing some random freezes around Lumbridge? I notice that when I do the rebuildathon every day and was just wondering.
  6. Thank you! Just started training skills to get all the quests done so I can start farming. :)
  7. These are my stats: As you can see I'm currently mining pure essence and it isn't great money, but it's something. I have about 150k now. What I want to do is get my melee stats to 60 or something so I can then start Runecrafting for money, it's my favourite skill and I want to get untrimmed 99. I want to know different methods to make make money so I can successfully do this. Thanks in advance. :)
  8. It's not really meant to be used this way I think. It's mainly used to turn the materials you don't need to materials you do need.
  9. Max found botting flax :o http://gyazo.com/379bdde28bdfebf49acbc5b4716e78ce
  10. A very impressive blog you have there. I'm sure it takes a lot of effort to get each update done.
  11. Well the feature isn't gone, it's still on the top of the screen if you look carefully. Jagex just did a sloppy job with how the screen appears so you can't see the description in the top left corner. I'm hoping they'll fix it soon.
  12. What game reset? And yes, it'll be out tomorrow, I'm assuming around 2 PM Jagex time.
  13. Good luck! An interesting goal to say the least. :P
  14. hbu hunter? i tried 3h with pots and it was lower 20k i don't understand the logic of jagex lol when a skill gets higher xp/h due a "potion drinking reduces ticks glitch" and it needs much effort to do, they gonna "fix it". But when they're updating a skill, they make it even higher xp + afk... stupid logic of our lovely company, jagex. It's not really stupid, it's a bug. As far as I know, bug abusing is something you can get banned for.
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