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  1. I'm 81 divination and to me it seems as fast as brilliant energy, The only thing i like about it is the divine simulacrum 1/2, But I think I will stick to brilliant wisp colony because the elder halls are dull and depressing ;-;
  2. It's possible, It will just take along time. And now that master skillcapes are in development that may encourage more players to gain ridiculous amounts of xp in a skill, I know i will be.
  3. Since i posted this i have hit 6k logs banked! Although my computer is acting rather strange at the moment, I keep getting huge FPS drops :(
  4. Lots and lots of wood.

  5. I'm watching every singe playlist of the yogscast and will probably take breaks playing on my xbox now and again! :)
  6. I've set myself a goal of cutting 150,000 maple logs simply for the woodcutting experience, Plus the fact i could then burn them for firemaking experience and fletching, Quite a boring goal but easy to AFK, Plus what ever is left can be sold or kept for later. I will update this thread every time i hit a checkpoint, Maybe every 10,000 logs or so, And will price check all logs and nests from the goal. I will be on world 83 behind seer's village bank maples :)
  7. I was wondering what it was all about, I've only recieved wolfblood from SoF daily spins, I think you need about 1k of them to summon some wolf to give you summoning buffs, Don't take my word on it, That's just what i've heard, But it's probably not that worth it in the long run, But if you manage to get enough of it you might aswell.
  8. Thanks guys, I will be sure to jointhe CC when i'm next online :)
  9. Nowa days there's alot of buttons to be fiddled with in your bank, Like empty all inventory items, Wielded items and BoB items, But i always thought wouldn't it be cool if there was a button that price checks every single item in your bank and gives you a total bank value?
  10. The last movie i saw was "Rise of the planet of the apes" it took a while to get into and it was abit boring at the start but once the action got going it was pretty cool, I'd watch it if you haven't and if you love the original movie.
  11. Played Runescape for some years now but in the last few months there's been a rapid decline in my friendslists so i thought i would join a forum to find new friends to play with and skill with while i reach the goals i've set myself ingame, So hello, I'm sythor2 ingame and Liam IRL. :D
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