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  1. Everyone has a different method, but I think almost all can agree that the first 62 waves have almost become a joke since EOC. Don't feel bad. I'm maxed combat, almost 47M Slayer XP, and I have yet to get a fire cape. Ideally Ice Barrage would be best as you would have a chance to make quick work of the healers while still DPSing on Jad. At your level I could imagine just using Chain would have a similar effect. I've been trying ranged myself, personally. I've been saving up for Ascensions, I have the main and now working on saving for the off-hand. I have terrible lag and I suck at switches so inevitably I'm going to mess up a number of times. I figured with Ascension x-bows I can DPS him down fast enough to minimize how many switches I have to suffer through.
  2. So it would seem it's been a long time since I updated this blog... I haven't really quit RS, but instead just kept on going with my goals of 200M Slayer, made even more interesting with the addition of the 120 Cape. My current XP levels are on the first post. Hard to believe I've gained another 16M since I last post in here. Then again, some might say 16M in a year is pretty slow. Oh well. These days, I've been quite busy with IRL activities and so my RS time has been cut down significantly. Alongside my XP goals, I've been working on saving up for some gear upgrades. I had earned enough to grab a main-hand ascension xbow, and now I am working on scrounging up the cash for the off-hand. After that, I will work on upgrading my magic gear. I'll likely be trying to get virtus, as seismic is just too damn expensive. I really hate Dungeoneering, though I realize it'd probably be easier to just get a chaotic staff.
  3. I don't know if I'd really call it popular anymore. Maybe it's just me, but it seems that "efficient" slaying has really taken over and most guides say to block warped tortoises.
  4. It sure is, one of my clanmates went 4 hours at QBD before realizing he didnt bring antifires. Subsequently, he was nominated both best and worst slayer of 2013 in our clan awards for that stunt.
  5. [qfc]15-16-209-65123621[/qfc] But they left wc jujus the same :P At lvl 48 div, you can make the sign to bank 15 items. Even at 99 div, it's 30 items each. Really sucks. I've got so many juju flasks :( This is depressing news. :\
  6. I've decided that maybe I'd like to finally get the Ardougne tasks done. To further that, I've been going through and finishing up all the necessary quests to do everything. To do all the tasks, I needed to complete: * Tribal Totem * Back to My Roots * Making History * Meeting History * Enlightened Journey * Catapult Construction Fortunately these are all pretty simple quests, and already being max combat and having the luxury of guides makes them go quick.
  7. Spent a little time last night skilling, and helping out in the SGV1 Citadel, now at T7! Yay us! Helping out is not without it's own rewards, however. Picked up a couple more levels - 95 Crafting - 95 Cooking - 91 Smithing I'm already starting to go through Slayer withdrawals, so I don't know how long this break is actually going to last. I'm sure I'll be right back into it sooner rather than later. EDIT: I don't know why all of a sudden my images are blocked. This is kinda annoying.
  8. So I've been away most of the weekend, but I did get to play a little bit. I sold off the majority of my tab, and ended up with about 65M. Granted, I didn't sell some things like bars, ores, herbs, runes, etc. I tend to keep those for my own personal use. I desperately needed to restock so I spent a little on secondaries and made up some extremes and overloads, and gained 98 Herblore in the process. I was on my boyfriend's computer, however, so I apologize for not having a screenshot. Not entirely sure what to do yet with my newfound wealth. :P I spent a little bit on supplies for Smithing, as that is the last skill I need to be able to open the rest of my effigies, but I don't know if I have the stamina to grind it all out. Maybe I'll just chip away little by little. I thought about finally getting rid of Karil's skirt for good, and buying Bandos tassets. I've had the chestplate for a while now, but just didn't have cash for the skirt. Same with Arma for ranging; I've had the chestplate for ages, but not the skirt. I might just hang on to the rest and get back to Slaying some more. I also intend to somehow motivate myself back into solo DG so I can get myself an Imp. I really really am too lazy to pick up charms anymore, but I just can't bear to leave them behind, either.
  9. Well, I finally did it! A friend of mine made a handy spreadsheet for calculating my tab's value, so I'm gonna tally that up and I'll post a screenie. After that I'm going to start selling off stuff so I can afford to restock supplies since I am out of a lot of things.
  10. So thats more like 86 fragments per day. Doesn't sound like much, but in actuality, that takes a fair bit of time to collect, as they do not drop that frequently. While for some that's not a problem, I unfortunately am not able to play every day, due to IRL commitments. I realize this is my own problem, but nonetheless it puts me into a more "casual" player category than some others who have more time. But the fact of the matter remains, it's still a LOT of work for what seems like not much of a reward.
  11. The title says it all, really. I would like to say that I have a well thought out dissertation on the subject. However, I would just like to point out how ridiculous getting 1000 metal fragments has been, let alone 3000 for all three COSMETIC OVERRIDES. We're not talking about a game-changing new weapon here, just a skin to make them look pretty. And of the three, subjectively speaking, the greathammer is the coolest one, and I use my chaotic maul enough to be worth it. But acquiring the things are insane. The drop rate is abysmally low. Sure they increased the spawns but it wasn't enough to meet the demand of how many players are trying to collect their fragments. What gives? The most efficient, or in this case, the only way to do it is by camping the spawns. Yeah, you and at least 3 or 4 others, per spawn, per world. If this was a rare actual weapon, then sure, it would be far more worth fighting for kills and wasting supplies on ridiculously low XP. But for something that is purely Fashionscape, this is a little ridiculous. So yeah, that's my rant. Too much work for too little reward or some shit like that. I guess I could suck it up and not get the hammer, but then I wouldn't be ranting.
  12. Hey, a drop is still a drop :P Good luck on your goals. I hate quests myself, but every so often you just gotta push through it and git 'er done. Turmoil is so worth it.
  13. Tears is not bad. But the metal fragments (which is what I meant to say in the last post) has been grueling.
  14. Well, I've been away most of the weekend, so I am behind on everything, but I did manage to finally finish that QBD task. I didn't come away with anything too expensive, just 3 stabilizers, and a royal sight. Got a lot of blood runes; more than I used maging, so that's a plus right there. Hopefully, I won't get too many pricey tasks for a while yet. I'd like to make it to 30M before I sell off my tab, but I am running low on all my supplies. :(
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