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  1. I finally did Kiln over the weekend myself. I used obsidian armor and brought the mage and melee helms. I thought mage still killed enemy mages fast enough.
  2. At times the wisps in the desert will wander away from the rift, but usually there will be 2 or 3 close by, so it really isn't much of an issue.
  3. Thanks everyone! All desert tasks complete!
  4. Ok I've got all the pages now, so I'm done with Climber. I did the 25 floors in Endurance, but I still need to find Nomad. Is it possible to find him floor 1 or do I need to get a few floors in before he'll show?
  5. So I've completed all the task sets except for the desert so far, but I'm not sure how to go about completing the Dominion Tower as fast as possible. I haven't killed a single boss there. I don't have the cash for drygores or other super-expensive equipment. Any tips?
  6. Tip.It's guide for the kiln hasn't been updated for EoC. I'm sure I can manage the caves because I tried them years ago but failed on Jad. Kiln I've got no clue on.
  7. Since I've gotten my max cape back I am now undergoing the process of completing the requirements for the completionist cape, so I'll be asking for more help here as the weeks go on. Right now I need advice for completing the Fight Caves and Kiln, as I never bothered to do them before. I'm an utter EoC noob, since I completed all my combat stats before its launch. I do have a full set of obsidian to use. So, gear, inventory, action bar setup, etc. is needed.
  8. When I graahk'd it used to take me approximately 1 minute to do a run. With the lag from the new botcatching software I'm sure it would take me a bit longer now. My usual setup for running any type of rune is giant/large/small. This way you only have to withdraw from bank twice and can empty all your pouches into your inventory at once.
  9. I may be getting a free santa from a friend who hasn't played RS for years, and so will possibly have a good hunk of cash to spend. I'll be looking to get at least 97 (for completion of effigies) in the following skills: Smithing - Adamant platebodies + SC hammers? Crafting - Red d'hide + SC needles? Construction - Oak larders/doors + SC hammers? Fletching - Yew/Mage longbows + SC knives? I would also like to level the following skills, but not necessarily as high in the immediate future: Thieving - PP? Mining - LRC gold? I have given some training methods I know, but aren't necessarily the best. What would be the best method for each of the above skills with 150-190m to spend?
  10. 0/700 I'm staying until I have the charms for 99 summoning, but after that I'm done. Just getting shards and effigies isn't gonna cut it.
  11. I plant my personal gatestone somewhere far away from the boss room (usually home), and wait a couple minutes until the special stops, then return and continue fighting. Just have to remember to make another gatestone.
  12. Which log is generally used for plank make?
  13. I could be wrong. It's been a long time since I've caught sharks. Even so, I'd say it would be more around 600-700 hours, plus sharks aren't really profitable any more.
  14. -You want to avoid dying as much as possible. -Reset your floors every time you've done all the ones you have open for prestige. -Open all doors you possibly can. -Try to find a team of 5 if possible.
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