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  1. High Alching or making emerald rings.
  2. When is it open? And if it closed again, will an member account get acces to it when te joined it when it has been open?
  3. Howlong will take 80 - 99 fishing on shark?
  4. No, if you are offline or in the lobby you will not cost your time for the BXP, when you are ingame you will lost every 30 minutes some extra xp.
  5. Thank you, what runes will I get there?
  6. Abyss? Miniquest? Tell me more!
  7. Support it, that video guides aren't easy, then must you play and pause, and an text is beter for noobs.
  8. Thank you, is there an quest needed to come there?
  9. Hey, where can I find the Nature Altar and do I need rune ess or pure ess?
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