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  1. And this is what I think is fundamentally wrong. With skilling becoming more and more a thing just about xp, and all skills starting to look more and more alike (bonfires made firemaking exactly the same as cooking) runescape is devaluating a lot. But why can't they add "bosses" like I mentioned above: bosses where the reward is processing of a certain material, and you do not "fight" it directly but rather you simply use skills to survive. A boss also doesn't have to be a monster: it could also be an environment or inanimate object that is simply "dangerous to handle".
  2. Why keep religiously attached to this "design"? Eoc & rs3 are all good reasons to throw the sail over the other side and change that. All those ideas so readily dismissed by myr should already be implemented with eoc, and with rs3 should find their way to the others skills. @chenw: I am thinking more like... Add high level skilling things that feel like a boss themself. Like a "living furnace" you have to sustain for a minute to smith a certain piece of armour, this furnace would require things like a hybrid between the blast furnace and nex, and you would need at least a dragon pickaxe / dragon hammers (in other words; risk items that themself are hard to get). But instead of beating up that monster you simply craft something over the process. You smithing (& mining / whatever) level would not only be a requirement initially, but moreover also speed up the process significantly to the point making it actually feasible. Now this would be the only way to get this new shield/whatever. That way skills are actually USED. They could go very wide with this approach, as they could create different bosses for many different "combinations" of skills.
  3. Again you're thinking it from a combat perspective.. Combat is only a small part of the equation: one could also make the game more balanced by other skills.
  4. A game is always a closed mathematical set. As such you can use a lot of theory on balancing and very well know how things my example formula is a very rough abstraction I showed. But theoretical game design study has many of those models that help predict balance and provide it. Of course perfect balance is nearly impossible to achieve: as it is very hard, almost impossible to model all effects. However the goal of updates should be side growth and never power inflation - that is a fundamentally different goal.
  5. Why does there have to be a power inflation in mmos? Why does constantly everyone wish that new armour is "better" in all senses? Instead a much more healthy and sustainable growth would be to the sides: new updates enable more ways, but not per se better ways to handle something.
  6. Not untill ranges were implement and they stopped giving different chance to burn. Runite should've stayed the highest.. Simple as that, and new bosses should give niche armour that is good for a specific purpose - but rune should've stayed the highest general purpose items. Anyways, monster hunting should simply be not the way to gather end game items, whoever thought that was quite simple minded with runescape. Bossing should bring items that serve as fuel for other skills, but then the skilling itself (conversion of raw products to items) should take the same efford as monster hunting (efford can quite easily in runescape be modelled by the formula "time * risk", with risk being "chancetofail * severity"). So when looking at the theoretical game design flow we can see already that skills should A) require more time. Or B) become more risky, by increasing the chance to fail & the severity of a failed operation.
  7. @quyneax: people made some pretty penny by selling supersets..
  8. Muggiwhplar hitted the nail on its head though. Skill capes certainly contributed to the effect: however even back when skillcapes were around for a year, you saw that only the fastest skills were greatly influenced by skillcapes. Slower skills still kept being 'profitable' and a means on its own - herblore, runecrafting, slayer are prime examples. People would indeed go for a skillcape, but why three? You couldn't show off 3 at once. With GWD & constantly new features & better rewards to the combat skils it only is natural that combat became the manner to gain profit. Compare the amount of additional new content/items to combat related skills compared to skills like smithing.... Sure skills got things like being able to repair shields, however what is the most consuming job to gather those: right combat.
  9. Well that was due to a lot of factors, it was also not that nature runes "crashed" but rather they gradually declined: - First zmi almost doubled xp rate (so more people went for 91) - Then high alching stuff became relative worse manner of providing cash to the economy (bosses dropped a lot of raw cash). Devaluating cash or more literary cash/alch - Then training magic through barraging lobsters became a more prominent way to get 91 than through superheating/alching - Then runecrafting became a lot easier for bots (This, I saw, was the biggest factor) - no longer needing to go through wilderness as best method. - And finally runespan pushed the nails in the RC coffin making RC a quick-to-afk-train-skill.
  10. Most good companies I know of actually ignore investors or say: well here you got your money back - we work in our own way and you either like it or hate it. (And that is in all branches, going from high profile companies like ASML, philips, fokker space to small companies with only a dozen employees). Really investors are normally considered bad when they try to mix their vision with the employers vision: employers know what is going on, investors don't. Their statement on microtransactions has lost them at least 1 faithful customer: I used to buy runescape membership between 2005 & 2012; some periods even two accounts at once. However now I haven't been a member (or playing runescape) for like a year. And I'm still doubting if I will actually rebuy membership for a month during holiday. I just do not feel the fun anymore when a godsword I got with much pain and efford someone else got during a lucky spin - or by spending a few bucks. I think I'm not the only one who lost a lot of their fun, and I think in the long run this is harmful to runescape. And to put it frankly: runescape wouldn't have become more popular than the average chinese mmo if they had this implemented from the start - now people only accept it because they already spent a lot of efford into their accoutns.
  11. What glitch? I'm quite active in the mozilla html5 development, and would love to see this. So far main reason people say something glitches is because they themself do not follow the standard and rely on shortcuts instead of proper. Firefox has been historically the most standard confirmant browser (just like how chrome has always been the fastest)- so firefox+firebug I would personally advice for anyone who does debugging work of HTML5 application. (Any beta players thus). Especially since the authors of the original webgl specification is the mozilla foundation - the same people who create firefox.
  12. You could make a boss fight actually... fun So people dont' care how they do it: cause battlign itself is fun already.
  13. You would simply leech other people's games away. People who have an attitude like yours make the game feel so terrible and uncommunity like.
  14. That is simply stupid. It is not up to jagex to say HOW the 3d is implemented: if I want a text based presentation of the data RS sends I should be free to load any html5 game in lynx.. Same for other things, mozilla allows for a great developpers console allowing you to see also with inverted z axes or remove skins.
  15. Yeah let's make it so that without bug abuse nex can randomly kill a person without you being able to help each other. Because being full adrenailine, switching to shield and barricading is so difficult. Or, food. ;) Still: you DESTROY the fun mechanics to make it ARBITRARY difficult. Really from something that actually was fun and required teamwork to solve you make it so it is once again a single player thing. And yes I consider item swapping for such things bug abuse. In my opinion item swapping should instantly remove all adrenaline, so you have to choose beforehand what type of player you wish to be: tanklike or damage like.
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